Yes, I will continue with the other post but this is what I’m feeling I need to write about now.

I am listening to the the CD that we played at Andrew’s Ascension Service which has inspired me to write what Martin told me last night. I ask questions about what he’s up to and how’s it going with his buds, The john’s and Steve Irwin. Funny enough I haven’t asked about Einstein or Tesla. I will do tho & blog that one too. :-D

Andrew has been spending a lot of time with John Denver singing, writing, & just hanging out. Andrew said JD is everything he thought he was. He just clicks with John. He is so pleased with his time with JD it’s just more than he could ever imagined it would be! I am so glad to hear that!

Now John Lennon??? All he will say is that he is interesting. He’s very intelligent but hey we all remember the Beatles’ cartoons, right?? They were pretty out there! LOL I know for me at 11yrs. old I just didn’t get them. I appreciated them more later on in life. From what I can gather, he appreciates JL for who he is but doesn’t click with him like he does with JD. Alto I’m sure the jam sessions kick some serious ass! Jam session at my castle when I get there!

Steve Irwin? LOVES him! Andrew says, “but try and catch him is the issue!” ROFLAMAO! Steve-o is still Steve-o! Andrew said he is doing a lot of work on Terri as I’m sure Andrew is doing on me. He said that Bindi is going to be even bigger than Steve! She will be able to get even more done with conservation! Well, we know that’s because of Steve! Steve is still working on it, on the Other Side. He’s not resting! Can you even imagine Steve resting?? LOL

Now get this, you heard it here first!! Andrew said Steve is helping to get Australia Zoo their own network like Animal Planet!! Cool huh?? When I heard that it felt so true and right!! First it will be in Australia then grow from there. I dunno, I think it may start globally!! I can’t imagine it just being in Australia first, they are too big of a name to only be in one country! SO I guess we’ll wait and see right??

He also said that little Bob Irwin will come into his own as well. Let’s face it, you know he’s got to be a Crystal child and you know he sees his Daddy and talks to him so he will be use to Steve the way he is now.
SO that was our conversation last night when we went to bed! Cool huh?? I will eventually get use to Andrew in his new form! It will really force me to take the time to bump up my vibration to be able to hear and see him better like Martin does. I can’t wait! Elatia is coming over Sat and we are doing a “Meeting up with the Muck” meditation. We’re going to do it in his room. Elatia and I are looking forward to it! So you know I will be blogging about that!

IT’S ALL GOOD! I love you Muck!!!! Give everyone a hug from me!

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  1. Swati says:

    Hmmm…I wonder how I’ll react to John Lennon when I’m a dead person. LOL!! I will never stop laughing when I use the term “dead person” now Connie…and its all your fault!! I love saying “dead person”…that term is so funny after reading your book, and how Martin has a tough time figuring out who is dead and who is not. :D

    Yeah, so when I am a “dead person”, I wonder how I’ll react to John Lennon. I just LOVE him now. Especially his “Across the Universe”. The various versions of it. When I hear it, I am in a different space altogether. I remember putting in the request “out there” to “them out there”, that when I die, during that process of transitioning from here to “there”, I would like to hear this song.

    I love JD too…especially his “Annie’s Song”. I remember singing it to the angels one day…when I was just discovering them and falling in love with them.

    Hugs to you Connie….and to Martin, to Elatia, to Andrew, to John Lennon, to John Denver…and alllll.


  2. Kali Robinson says:

    Steve Irwin. HE is SUCH a legend and the world feels different with him not in it. and i’m SOOO sick of the tabloids over here giving Terri a hard time about ‘new love’ or Bindii being too much in the spotlight. i’ve been to australia zoo before it was TOO famous (biggest snake there YAWNED at me so i screamed and ran lol and hi sbest mate wes asked out my cousin lol) and steve was just awesome.. my aunti pretty much stalked him around the park but he was lovely and genuinely excited about teaching people about animals. and Bob is SOO adorable!!

    sending Terri Bindii Bob Steve and their aussie zoo family lots of love.

    and you and your beloveds too connie :) thank you for sharing.

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