:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE

STILL DOING THE DOGGIE DANCE! :dog :dog :dog And the hula :hula :hula :hula :hula

We have been on cloud nine ALL day!! ANdrew is very excited!! We still don’t know what it means as far as his treatment goes. We didn’t want to ask any questions incase the answers were a buzz kill! :lol There’s plenty of time to find that out. :D :D :D

Dr. Barbosa, the head cheese, believes the test was accurate. He went ahead & did the 2nd one personally to shut the other Dr. up! :lol ANdrew had Barbosa laughing the whole time during his LP!! :lol Giving the thumbs up sayin “Oh yea that’s the needle getting in good” :eek This kid is an animal!! :lol When he found out about them wanting a 2nd LP he said, “Let’s get it done!” He wants to prove to the other doc that indeed there is NOTHING!

Here’s the set up, Andrew was in, as he put it, taking a crap, :x :lol when Barbosa came in. Andrew could hear what he was saying. He said the lab’s exact words were “This is too good to be true!” SO ANdrew had a quick chat w/his cells. His cells were concerned. Cells: “Didn’t we do a good enough job?” ANdrew: “You did such a great job they don’t believe it!” Keep it up! You are doing great!”

Andrew is ALWAYS talking to his cells. I was on the phone to room service, yes we have room service here for the kids, & I ask him “Is that it?” no response, Is that it?? no response Is that is? Is that it?? Helllooooo is that it??? ANdrew: “what?” IS THAT IT??? Finally I get a “yes” He was playing w/his shrimp cocktail, so it appeared. He was actually in a trance talking to his cells again!! :D He is truly amazing!

My sister, Lisa, came by and brought him a 10 oz steak, baked potato, and corn on the cobb. He ate it ALL! Threatened to take anyone’s hand off who tried to take any of it! :eek :lol My sister was sooooo excited to see him up and about. We snook outta the room again. Even tho his ANC#’s are up to 272 from 50 yesterday :CAT because he still has some cultures going he’s not suppose to leave his room….whatever! :D Lisa hasn’t seen him up and about in so long she had tears in her eyes! She got to hug him full on and him walk w/us holding our hands. Martin and I were hugging earlier tonite and Andrew said “Hey I want in on some of that!” :lol SO we had a group hug. What a fantastic day!!!!

The baby went home too!! :hula :hula :hula SO my crying & whining has finally stopped! :rollin :rollin ALTHO at the clown house, in the room above apparently the cast of River Dance is staying!!!!! :eek :eek baaaaaa waaaaa!!! Hard to get to sleep in the morning with that noise going on!! ARRRGGG!

BUT nothing can ruin one of the best days of our lives!!!!! It feels so great to feel lighter and more peaceful!! You know my mama gene :hugkiss :hugkiss :hugkiss is so excited and doing a :belly AND :HAIL :HAILB :HAIL to ANdrew’s cells and to ALL who have supported us on this healing journey!

ALSO his weight is up to 52.8!! :hula :hula :hula Woooo Hooooo:clover :clover :clover

Ooooo ohh what is that I see?? Could it be?? Yes I believe it is! I do believe that is a light I see at the end of this extremely too long of a tunnel!! :ANGELS2 :ANGELS You know we had a whole lot of this :sword going on!! :D :D :D :D :D

:dance :dance :dance :dance


:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE

Magickal Blessings!

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