At this point in my life all I have going on is this blog. I look forward to seeing the comments and interacting with everyone. Right now this is all I have. It helps keep me going. Everyday is a struggle for me at the moment and coming here and reading the comments really helps me.

I know that there is more than the 5 or 6 loyal responders that read this blog. What I am asking is if more of you that are lurkers and actually read this regularly could comment. I’m not asking you to do it everyday. But every now and then would be nice. I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!

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13 Responses to I’M REACHING OUT

  1. Karen says:

    And I am reaching back with my arms wide open embracing you sweetheart! Love you!!!

  2. Denise says:

    Hey darlingk

    I am sorry we didn’t get together today I really did feel crappy LOL !!!!!!!!!

    I am not even sure I will be going to the gem show , it depends on how I feel in the am! Ill talk to u tomorrow.

    Love you
    {{{{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Joanie Light says:

    I’m guilty of lurking lately. Sending you an etheric hug. I think Andrew was trying to get my attention on Tuesday. I had another 22 day. I do read your blog every day and sometimes multiple times a day even if its a re-read of the same thing. I’ll do my best to add a comment or two. Had a girl’s day out with Gracie today and yes, I survived another trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

    Love that alternate reality stuff. I’ve had that happen a couple of times, too. Dolores Cannon talks about it in her books. It is definitely a freaky deaky kind of thing.

    Sending you lots of love!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you!! Mwwwwwaaaa!

    Joanie, I love Dolores! Her info is mind blowing and so cool! Must crack her books out again since we are experiencing more of what she talks about! I remember your experience the first time you staffed. Pretty darn awesome!

    Thanks for listening today Karen. I got that out of my system, so next time it will be more pleasant, I promise. :-)

    Denise, hope you feel better.

  5. Swati says:

    What do you mean?? Am I not enough? I am hurt! Sulking! Throwing a fit, tantrums, and hissing too! LOL!!!! ;)

    Ok, ok, jokes apart, everyone REVEAL THYSELF! No not THAT way!! Go wear your clothes! Yikes!!!

    Dolores! I love her!!! I am most probably going for her class in LA in February! Wooohoooo!!!

  6. Leila says:


    I was strongly guided to come here tonight. I am so glad I did

    Sorry I’ve been a lurker.
    I check in to see how you’re doing then I say a prayer and send love and hugs.
    Now I know it’s not enough. I now know that it’s also important to respond when I check in as well even if it’s just a nod and a wink (not implying that you’re a blind horse LOL)

    Now I am going back to bed. I can hardly keep my little eyes open.
    (Oh yea..the guidance I received was a we bit more than just a nudge LOL)

    Oodles of love and hugs to you pretty mama


  7. Dana says:

    Hey Connie – This is the only board I come to and interact at. I go to work and the folks are nice there – but it’s a Catholic organization (in Grand Rapids, MI) – uber religious! So it’s not as if I can be myself there! So this is my only ‘activity’ as well! Well – that and talking to Swati ;)

    So don’t stop doing what you do! I’m enjoying myself here!


  8. admin says:

    Thank you everyone! It’s just that I’m having a hard enough time dealing with my son being in the etherics, I don’t need most everyone that comes here, there either. While I’m in this human body I’d like to have more human contact. I mean, if I have to spend so much time in the etherics to feel my son, the thoughts and prayers coming my way……why be here!? It’s too much work for me!

    SO thank you! It won’t be forever. Only until I get a life! :-D Hopefully that will be soon. But right now this has been a life line to me!

    Awwww Swati, *pats head* I’m sorry. But if it weren’t for Leah, Dana, or Denise, there wouldn’t have been early posts some days. I mean, you have kids, a life right now! :-D
    Swati, we got to be Dolores’ driver when she use to speak at ATP. It was so cool to have her alone in the car for a 1/2 hour. She’s a great lady! And one 70 something yr. old lady that will blow your mind!

    Leila thank you for following your guidance! I have the pics you painted & sent to Andrew up in his room. It’s a lovely reminder the love that was sent his way.

    Dana, I’m so glad that you do come here. It’s great to have you so active on the board!

  9. Karen says:

    Just adding my two cents worth in here about Dolores Cannon….

    WOW…to have a session with her and her “ET Team” is an experience I soon will not forget. It was well worth the 6 month wait to see her in her home town in the Ozark Mountains. So Swati my dear, going to see Dolores in any town is money well spent!

    I loved where she lives, it was gorgeous, rained a lot but hey, that’s what makes the greenlands/hillsides of the Ozark Mountains (Arkansas) so very green…

    Dolores is not only an amazing gifted author, healer and well…all around person, she’s also so very funny too. Here is this woman that looks like someone Grandmother that cans fruits and makes jams and jellies (and she is all of that), hysterically telling me a funny story, when we meet for my session back in I think it was 2005 that her ET guides/friends asked her to back up off the Cokes she was drinking LOL!!!

    She said that they were complaining a bit as their energies did not “gel” with the bubbles (carbonation), it was a weird concept for them to experience blending into her auric field. they told her water or apple juice was the best for them…Can you imagine, ETs saying, hey how about some water or juice instead please!!! LOL!

    OMG…I was ROFLMAO as she was telling me this, it wasn’t truly the subject mind you, it was the way Dolores told it! Ahhh, Dolores could definitely do a stand up routine on just that subject alone, ET’s and Coca-Cola! ;-)

  10. Susan says:

    Hi Connie,

    I, too, am guilty of lurking. I “got to know” you and your family through the ATP board in Oct. right after I completed ATP. The THREE of you are absolutely AMAZING and are an inspiration to me. To be honest, I have been wanting to post on here, but for some reason haven’t felt “worthy” enough to do that. What’s up with that?!!? Anyway, here I am posting and wanting you to know that I truly enjoy reading your blog and the questions for and responses from Andrew. I also loved your reports from Ireland! Did you make it to Newgrange? It is a wondrous place, isn’t it? Have you been to Glendalough? That is a very magical place, too.

    I am sooo excited to take the teleclass with you, Martin and Andrew next week! The angels and some others have been working overtime to make sure I take it! I have some questions for Andrew, too, which I now might finally be brave enough to ask.

    Much love and blessings to you,

  11. admin says:

    Please don’t ever let that be an issue Susan! Worthy?? Everyone here is worthy of posting!! I’m sorry you missed the posts of this journey on the ATP board. I did post all my threads here but not the responses from the board.

    I am honored that you are here just finding us in Oct. Just so you know, I’ve never met physically Swati, or Dana and most of the people on here. Leah became a myspace friend a few weeks before Andrew’s diagnosis. She then wrote, sang, and recorded a song for Andrew before we even met her!

    SO Thank you for being here! I have family that don’t even come here anymore! SO I really appreciate the people that are still here supporting us!

  12. Kimberley says:

    Ditto, to what Susan said.
    I too have been “lurking” following Andrews journey.
    I would check into the ATP board everyday, to read
    your post, that have made me cry, laugh and feel so
    inspired by the courage and strength your family has
    I also, have been wanting to post but, wasn’t sure what
    to say.
    I look forward to reading your book, it truly will be a gift to
    I lost my father to cancer when I was in my early twenties.
    I took care of him at my home, with the support of home care nurses
    and Dr.s and it was after his ascension that I started on my spiritual
    journey. The three months we shared together where the best!!! and
    I know believe that was a gift my father gave to me.

    With Love & Hugs,

  13. admin says:

    Thank you Kimberly! That touches my heart!

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