I am an empty nester now!!! That is soooooooo NOT cool or fair! *serious foot stomping, tantrum going now!* It’s one thing when you see it coming, you know like college applications n stuff, but this????? NOT ACCEPTABLE!

I wasn’t going to ever be an empty nester according to Andrew. He had no plans on leaving home! Being on another dimension at home doesn’t count to the Mama gene! He figured if his sister could stay home until she was 25 he had at least that long but he was going for longer! SO I had no concerns of ever being an empty nester! EVER! This SUCKS!

Andrew got a bit upset with me my mother told me after one of her visits in the hospital. Muck and I were looking at a matching computer desk for his kick ass $16,000 computer. It matched his bed exactly. I made the mistake of telling him that he would have some furniture when he eventually gets his own place. I only said that so I wouldn’t be one of those clingy mothers that won’t let go of their sons. I wanted to make sure he knew he would always have options.

Yea, he was not appreciating that at all! He told my mother “Why would she say that? I’m not ever leaving!”He was upset with me! Muck and I discussed it and I set him straight. I told him I didn’t want him to leave either. We’ll do the whole Irish thing of him staying at home till he got married! And even then we’ll discuss it! :-D

I was thrown spontaneously into empty nesterhood! Kinda like being thrown suddenly into menopause after a hysterectomy or something!

I just miss him being here so much! I was sitting here watching Psych on the USA network thinking how much I really don’t want to be here anymore. Why bother? What’s the point? No one is returning my e-mails, not even for volunteer work! Wondering if I can google exactly what Keith Ledger took. :-D *pause for a drama queen moment* ……………………………*ennnnnd scene* Moving on.

Then I notice on the show they are on a Spanish soap opera and the Inspector makes an arrest on camera and starts to speak what little Spanish he remembers from high school. A bit like myself. Like, I can say my name Consuelo, ask for water, and say “let’s party in the library.” What does the inspector say after his name?? Something Andrew use to say all of the time out of the blue for no reason, it was totally random every time he said it…… “I like cheese!” Freaked my ass out!

I was ROFLMAO! I couldn’t believe it! Even Denise texted me about it, she saw it too! He really knows how to pull me out of a funk. Andrew not the Inspector. Maybe that’s why the moods don’t last too long, he’s always giving me some unmistakable sign right when I need it. He’s a good Avatar!


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  1. Denise says:

    I know I couldn’t believe it ,I thought I was seeing things at first. then I realized it was Andrew . It is soooo awesome when he does this, I feel so privileged to be part of this journey

    n montys on again!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. admin says:

    who the hell is monty? and why r u cheating and reading this now??

  3. Denise says:

    monty python !!!!!!!! I couldn’t wait . I need to study in the Am

  4. Denise says:

    always look on the bright side of life!!!!!!

  5. Swati says:

    [quote]We’ll do the whole Irish thing of him staying at home till he got married! ]/quote]

    Or you could have done the Indian thing(from India…not Native American, because I have no idea what they do), and stayed together for the rest of your lives as a big joint family. One of my prospective bridegrooms had a record holding joint family…they were even featured in some magazine. They were around 100 people living together under the same roof as one single joint family. They also had this rule of having dinner together or something like that.

    Andrew! Come back :). You have to do the whole 100 people family living together here. Or…if you just can’t come back, do you think you could marry in “Heaven”, because that many people will fit in Connie’s castle home. LOL! Seriously, can you marry up there?

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    Ok, not sure I want to do the whole 100 person deal, seems a bit over kill to me :-D but he I know he wasn’t planning on leaving for quite awhile. He was planning on getting a mansion and then having us move in with him. He wanted to take care of me and Martin.

    I remember all of those conversations and I just miss him so much! NEVER did I think he would leave first! EVER! He made me all these promises! I still have the engagement ring he got for me when he was 4! I agree Swati! COME BACK MUCK! OR take me with you!

  7. Lord Horus says:

    OK Ladies… I didn’t really want to do this because I know how you all get. I know that if I tell you the information that I’m getting you are going to get all super excited and wish it was here now and totally miss the point of the Journey instead of the destination… But considering the dream I had the other night and I know for certain Muck does not want Connie, Martin, Me or anyone else he left here to leave the Mortal realm before it is all said and done..

    So here goes… You guys wanna know whats going to Happen in 2012?… Those of us who are attuned with the higher frequencies of the Universe.. those of us who are ready to Ascend.. Are going to Shift when the Universal Harmonics change and hit the Earth.. we are going to Spontaneously Shift into the Higher Dimension right where Andrew Is.

    Now there isnt any drinking cyanide Kool-Aide or Peppermint tea involved.. we dont have to do anything to kill our mortal bodies.. As far as anyone left behind would notice it would seem like we just simply disappeared.. bodies and all.. but we are going to raise vibrations until we walk right through the Veil.. And I think thats why Andrew had to leave.. to get things prepared for us when that happens.. and we are left here to help as many as possible prepare for that transition.

    It has happened before you know.. just look at Mica Pichu.. or however you spell that.

    Lord Horus

  8. admin says:

    I believe you spell it chicken pizza, well that’s how I remembered to say it when we were there. Don’t ask! It just worked for me. ANd do you really want to roam around in my head to try and figure it out! I don’t even like being in my head!! LOL

    Don’t toy with me Jeremy! If all that is true then I can hang on and do what is necessary! Yes, I have heard all of this before. I just want it to be true! The fact that we don’t need a crappy cult like hair cut, Kool Aide and Nikes, I’m sooooo in!

    I think that is where the excitement has come in for me in between the grief, is the knowing that some cool shit will be going down! Dolores Canon has talked about it. It’s funny the way she talks about it too. SHe said all the religious nuts, they really grind her ass, will be here going, “where’d everybody go??” LMAO!

    Thanks for throwing me a bone Jeremy! I’ll ignore the snide comments! *plots payback on Jeremy* :-D

    I just need something to do until then.

  9. Lord Horus says:

    Well.. I tell you what… If it doesnt happen.. Ill be ready to drink the Kool Aide.. so if it dont go down like that.. the way We think.. with the vibrations and all.. Then we can all get together at like Mica Pichu or New Grange and have a big ol Kool-Aide Party and get silly haircuts.. hows that sound? LOL

  10. admin says:

    Hmmmm I say we have some peppermint tea, not sure about the hair cuts as I had enough of the funny/crappy ones when I was younger. Gotta go in true Diva style, looking fabulicious! ya know? :-D

    Ok, so its a packed! If it doesn’t go down like you said, then it’s my place to party like it’s 2999 w/ some special peppermint tea!!! I’m holding ya to it!

  11. Swati says:

    Lord Horus…that is the most exciting thing I have heard in ages. I think I will read it many many times everyday to keep me happy. :)

  12. Pretty Mama says:

    I agree Swati! I’ll be reading his response every time I wanna reach for the pepper tea! :-D

    My bad on he chicken pizza, that’s what I used to help to remember Chitzen Neetza (sp?) in the Yucatan NOT Mitchu Pichu in Peru. Makes more sense right? :-D

  13. Dana says:

    *quote*Lord Horus…that is the most exciting thing I have heard in ages. I think I will read it many many times everyday to keep me happy.*quote*

    I’m with you on that one Swati! And who knew that would be good news? ;) Don’t forget the Mayans. Tis said they went the same way. I’m ready I tell ya!

  14. Joanie Light says:

    As long as there’s no celibacy or poisoned Kool-aid, sounds OK. What about our pets? Couldn’t leave without my poochies and kitty.

    I watched Psych last night, too. I thought it was hysterical. That is so cool about the “I like cheese” reference.

  15. admin says:

    Celibacy??? Ahhhh hell no! Oh yea, my wiener has got to go with me too!

  16. Karen T. says:

    Okay Connie…did you mean the last comment like the pun that it turned into?!! ROFLMAO!! Please reread… I know you are talking about Merlin in the second half…but please read the whole thing together!! ROFLMAO!! Sorry, my DM switch was on and this cracked me up!!

  17. Karen T. says:

    Pun isn’t what I meant…play on words is what I think I meant. I don’t know, but it’s still funny as hell!!!

  18. admin says:

    OMG! I didn’t even see that coming! OMG! I’m doing it again! How did I miss that one! ROFLMAO!

    How about a Wii party??

  19. Leah Clark says:

    You mean you WON’T take Martin with you? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

  20. admin says:

    Oh yea, and Martin too! :-D

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