By how Andrew is continuing to effect peoples’ lives! There are just no words how amazing it is and how blessed I feel to have such an amazing soul for my son! It is a true testament to how beautiful of a Spirit Andrew is!

I posted on the Angel Board the LOA & Soul Contract from the “Andrew Speak” part of the forum. Here is what one person from Australia had to say after reading it..


“As I started to read this, a beautiful scent filled the room. It smelt like ‘peace’ if you know what I mean. And the message .. well, it gives me peace.”

“Thank you so much. I can’t explain how my energy has shifted since reading this. I was actually on here to post for help with something else and the energy shift headed down down blurky yuk for a bit there … ah well, old patterns … after reading this, well, it all just makes a lot of sense! And the pity party I was about to have for myself wafted away on the gorgeous scent that accompanied this divine insight and message! So, again, thank you so much. Talk about Magic!!”

“Sweetheart. Hugs to you. Your sharing constantly rejigs my energy to where I feel connected and realize the truth of being a divine being who really does continue forever and ever through lives and realms. It’s all good :)

How powerful is that??? A. VERY, EXTREMELY! I mean it’s mind blowing for me! Remember, Andrew was just my 16yr. old son! NOW?? He is so much more than that! I am starting to realize just how HUGE he really is and this is just the beginning!! He’s only just started! Here’s another one…..

“Wow Connie, thank you for sharing!

As I was reading something completely wondrous began happening to me…My whole being was letting go, while simultaneously some internal force awakened, activated, and began opening and rising up inside of me. Without my doing anything, I went from slouched over in front of my desk to sitting completely erect and open-hearted, feeling the most loving, heart-melting, supportive energy surge through my being.

There is truly some magical and profound impact Andrew’s passing is having on a wide scope of people and it feels like there is much more to come….

I keep seeing a book and a movie developing out of all your experiences and ongoing connections and communications with Andrew…

sending you, Andrew and Martin much love and gratitude!”

with blessings of love,

Amazing stuff isn’t it?? And these are people who have never met Andrew physically!! And for Mandianne, not even on the same continent! SO for all of you that had the honor of knowing him personally….I hope you know just how lucky you are!! I know I am!! :-) We were in the presence of greatness w/o a doubt!!! I am one proud Pretty Mama! (he corrected me, had to add the pretty :-D )

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  1. Swati says:

    Yes Connie…even I wrote that in the “general forum”. I don’t know if you read that. But I was writing about how Andrew affects us beautifully, not just through his written words, but he seems to use a more complete way of communication. A LOT more is said through the energy of his communication than just the words. I have often walked away after reading a communication from him with an immense sense of peace and the feeling of being held within Divine Love. Even in my thread where I asked how come I’m the moderator, he wrote just a simple reply…no profound words there…lol..but the feeling was exactly the same as if he had written some great words of wisdom and love.


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