Not to say staying with KC & her family personally was bad, it was the fact I was stuck in the attic for 3 weeks and struggled to breathe for most of it! Take the cats outta the equation and it would’ve been a great trip for me! Even with the sub zero temperatures. Also the great hair days too I had awesome hair days! Too bad they were wasted in the attic. But I appreciated them. :-D

Martin was very proud of me because of the fact I didn’t whine like I normally do about a lot less! I think the great hair days helped. He thought he was going to have to deal with Whine Fest 2008 for 3 weeks. LOL I spared him.

The flight home was great! Smooth and on time! WOo HoO! As we were in the airport waiting for our first flight we heard the song by Josh Grobin, “You Raise Me Up.” Andrew just loved that song and always listened to it. Now it is more poignant than ever. It’s like his song to us. The funny thing is, we didn’t hear any more music after that song. He was just letting us know he was with us.

Martin channeled 9 pages from Andrew about our castle there. Martin was even given a new word for a gadget we don’t have here. It is pretty cool and we have a lot to look forward to when we finally get to blow this pop cycle stand! Andrew said we can stay a long while when we get there before we travel together again. *phew* Can’t I be promoted to Spirit Guide or something yet?? I’m use to people not listening to me! LOL

Andrew mentioned that we had life times together when we left him. Yea?? Well, it’s still no excuse for breaking your mother’s heart this life time dammit!

It felt good to land in Sarasota and NOT Tampa. We’re only 7 miles from the airport here. The weather felt good. The first thing I did when I got home was turn on my TV!! I didn’t even know what was going on on the outside world! If it wasn’t happening in my attic I didn’t know about it! LOL KC said the next house will have a guest house. AWESOME!

I learned *gets ruby slippers out* there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!


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8 Responses to HOME AT LAST! HOME AT LAST!

  1. Swati says:

    Wooohooo!! You’re back!! You don’t have to deal with allergies anymore!! When will you give us at least part of the castle channeling? :-D

  2. Dana says:

    *quote* Can’t I be promoted to Spirit Guide or something yet?? I’m use to people not listening to me! LOL *quote*

    ROTFL! OMG! I love that one! Welcome home!

    We will be having radio shows and our last 2 classes now won’t we? *wink and grin*

  3. Pretty Mama says:

    Unfortunately when I get hit hard with an allergy attack I’m left with a cough. But it’s better than having to deal with EVERYTHING!

    YUP! WE certainly will! I just won’t be able to be on the last 2 classes due to the ren fair.

    LOL I was wondering if anyone was going to get my wise one joke there of no one listening Dana.

    I will have to go over the 9 pages and pic something good to put here on the castle thing. YOu didn’t think I was not gonna share with you now did you??

  4. Swati says:

    About people not listening to you Connie, I have had a live experience with how spirit guides must feel. One night Swami was sleeping in Natasha’s room, and Natasha was in my room (she just has these…”I want to sleep with mom” nights). I had actually asked Andrew questions about this exepreince. lol! So I was out of my body and feeling spooked. So I tried calling Swami back…he couldn’t hear me. I screamed and screamed…he couldn’t hear me. So I (in my astral body) went and tried to shake him, but nothing happened. Then I went and sat right there and concentrated hard and blew in his ear….he reacted…he stirred and then turned sides and kept sleeping. Arrrrgh!! I was getting so frustrated at that time, and was thinking this is how spirit guides must be feeling. Even our DLO’s.

    People don’t listen to you? I thought everyone listened to you :-D.

  5. Leila says:

    Welcome home Connie! Now you can warm up and dry out! LOL

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    Listen to me?? Hardly! Altho Denise actually listened to me. She is one of the very very few that has. It’s the down side to being a Wise One. *sigh*

    Thanks Leila! Glad to be home but missing my good hair days! LOL Oh well.

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Hmmm? Oh, sorry – did you say something??

    *runs far and fast to escape the reach of Witchy Woman’s arms*

    nyah, nyah, nyah!!! LMAO!!!!

    Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tammy says:

    I love that I am use to people not listening to me…….!!! Glad your home & enjoyed the tale from Andrew!!!


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