Martin had finished his night of readings over an hour late. He was burned out. He left the office and was in the laundry room on his way into the living room when BAM! He ran into what he thought was a wall. He turned on the utility room light to see what the heck he walked into and there was no wall, there was nothing there!

Martin stands there a bit bewildered and then something dawns on him. He asks Andrew, “Muck was that you!?” Muck’s reply, “My bad Daddy, yes it was, sorry.” I guess Andrew was expecting Martin to just pass right through him as usual.

Martin was stunned! He said it felt like he hit a solid wall! It stopped him in his tracks. It was when Martin started focusing on what he had walked into that Andrew disappeared, so to speak. I mean, he was still there, but at his higher vibration. Martin was vibrating at Andrew’s vibration which is why he ran into him. You can’t stay on this planet at that vibration for very long on this planet, which is why it only lasted a few seconds. Plus Martin had just gotten off of 8 hrs of readings, so he was vibrating at a higher rate anyway. All very interesting stuff if you ask me.


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