Martin and I have booked a total of 23 gigs through June 15th. I think we hit the wall on booking more gigs. We had to make a helluva lot of calls to book those gigs and are just tired of making calls, leaving message after message after message and not hearing back. PLUS I am running out of places to contact. What we need now is some sort of media attention to help get us out there.

So today as I am feeling like we have done all we can and it may not be enough to keep us busy, then Andrew to the rescue, so to speak. He sent me 222’s in a bazaar way to let me know, “No worries Pretty Mama! Your ideas ARE starting to sprout.” For instance, I was watching the Tara Banks show (which I hardly ever do because I watch the good Dr Phil but couldn’t handle any more on that freakin Octomom crap!) with Rosie O’Donnell on today. They talked about weight and Rosie says she weighs what?? 222! Then I get the “hit” to check out Martin’s phone readings transaction page tonight and the last caller’s ID name was Passionate what? 1222!!! LOL

I get the feeling Andrew is telling me that Martin and I have done enough for now and need to focus on the shows we have coming up. I figure I will either be inspired with a new idea, or something or someone will come across our path to help us with the next step. I just look forward to the day when we get to just be “the talent” and focus only on our shows. It’s exhausting doing everything ourselves! Martin and I are still not operating at our maximum. That will take a few more years. Like I said in the last post, it doesn’t feel like 16 months already. But if you look at all that we have been through and have had to deal with, it feels like an eternity.

Anyway, Martin and I have done all that we can. The rest is up to Andrew. He’s not the tired one here AND he’s an Avatar! Time for him to pull some strings for us! lol That’s all I’m sayin. :-) There’s gotta be some perks to having a Avatar son on the Other Side…right?


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6 Responses to HIT THE BOOKING “WALL”

  1. Swati says:

    Dear Connie,

    Before I say anything about the blog, I want to thank you for the gift you sent me. I don’t think anything else has touched my heart as much as that little rose quartz pendant made by a little boy I love so much (without knowing him) when he was 9. It must have been difficult to part with it Connie…how did you let it go? I am sure you want to hold tight to anything made by him. But you still sent it to me, and that means the world to me. I could feel the love so strongly as I held it in my hands. I wore it immediately after that….it was a very very special feeling to wear it. Thank you sooooo much for this.

    I am still not feeling 100%. Most of the time I just want to sleep. I tried going to the ATP board and started replying to posts etc just as I used to, so that I could get back to feeling like before. And I started doing things around the house just like before. But it didn’t work. lol. I guess I need to rest more.

    You have done such a great job in booking all those shows! Why do you feel you need to do more for now? The successes in these shows will make it easier to book more shows later…isn’t that how it works? I have never done anything like this, so I might be wrong…but that’s what it feels like to me.

    Sending you hugs,

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Swati – Sending you lots of love and healing energy!!! I hope you feel better SOON!!!

    Connie – have you thought about doing press release? I’ll forward you an email I got from Rev. Sara when she suggested I do one for my next concert (whenever that happens). If you do a press release, a reporter may decide to do a story, and voila! Free publicity! Sending the email now before I forget… Sometimerz Dizeaz, don’tcha know… (((HUGS)))

  3. Jeremy says:

    Just wanted to say My parents and I really enjoyed our visit with you guys today.

    My Mom was saying how much she could feel Andrew’s presence and blessing in his room and from that wonderful portrait of his.

    Really looking forward to working with you and Martin more seriously as now we will really be neighbors again.

    Great things are headed our way.

  4. Karen T. says:

    My heart just did the swirlies for you! That’s more than a gig a week between now and then…WOO HOO!! Sit back and enjoy the ride..there’s gotta be some major momentum to result from all of that!!

  5. Denise says says:

    I agree with Karen!!!! Major MOMENTUM!!!! {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

  6. admin says:

    First all, WOW! I didn’t think anyone was coming here anymore so I wasn’t concerned about blogging much this week. Every time I checked here, it was zero comments, then all of a sudden BAM there was 5! I thought, “ok then, I guess I better do some more blogging.”

    Well, Swati, I ain’t gonna lie to ya, it was hard letting go of something Andrew made when he was 9. I remember how excited he was about wrapping crystals and selling them in our store. He’d sit in his “hesitation” chair (he called it hesitating before he realized it was meditating lol) and spend hours working on those crystals. I wanted to give you something so special to let you know how much not only I appreciate all that you have done over the years, but how much Andrew appreciates you being open to listening and hearing him. So from Andrew’s and my heart to yours. :-)

    Martin and I are thinking like you Swati, we get the ball rolling and soon people will be calling us! And we are looking to rebook at the same venues as well. SO slumber party at your house the weekend of May 23rd? Right? :-D

    Please REST! Take time for yourself! I mean it! The Wise One has spoken! :-D You gotta be top in form for when we come out and FINALLY meet!

    We have done a press releases before Leah. Didn’t bring in a whole lot and there’s no guarantee they will print it either. I gave our info to a young girl that writes feature stories for the Sarasota Herald. Waiting to hear back. Thanks for the sample, I will keep it for our next one.

    We had a great time with your parents J, they are fun! We’d love to have a whole audience full of them! :-) Glad you’ll be closer.

    Karen & Denise, we ended up receiving 2 more calls from California wanting to book us when we are out! One in Carmel (up north) and one in San Diego. We gave up making anymore call backs and a few more came in! AND an ATP(r) emailed me with another lead for St Pete where she works. SO I do think Martin and I have got some momentum going. I guess I was concerned if it was going to be enough and if not, would we have the energy to keep going doing it all ourselves.

    I’m glad we are in agreement then. ;-) MAJOR MOMENTUM IS BUILDING! SO it is!

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