Ok, I’m cheating. For all you early birds, you shouldn’t read this till tomorrow, you should be in bed already. Hopefully any night owls won’t see this till tomorrow too. I’m posting at 11:15pm instead of 6:30am. I’m taking a benedryl for allergies so I probably won’t be up in time for yous guys to get your morning fix. :-) Just trying to keep the fans and stalker happy! lol :-) After the relatives leave I will be here a lot!! I promise!

I forgot to mention the beautiful gift Andrew gave me this weekend after the service. As I mentioned before that I would also be missing the kids hanging out at my house and all the laughter, music, and joy that use to come from Andrew’s room. Well, after the service and after the Irish Rover, Wesley, Andrew’s good friend, and Jourdan, his girlfriend, spent time in his room Sat & Sun. SO I got to hear the laughter this weekend coming from his room one last time. I sat in the living room just taking it all in. Enjoying my last time hearing kids having fun in my son’s room. What a beautiful gift! He’s a good child! He brings no bother to the door! (It’s an Irish saying)

I said that if anything happened to Andrew that I wouldn’t do comedy anymore because there’s nothing funny about my life after this. How can I get on stage again?? Of course my friend pointed out that on the way home the Tuesday after he ascended, all I did was make her laugh. That’s beside the point dammit!! Then on one of Andrew’s fav shows “Family Guy,” there were ALL these references from my act in ONE episode!!! :p I’m like ahhhh geez! No way! Oh but wait for the (in best French accent) (ph) peace de resistance!…..

It was at the mall yesterday. For those of you who may have seen my act, know that I have a bit on the “interesting people” that came in our store. And for one of those bits I have a cheese hat for. While at the mall today a guy comes in to the food court a bit rushed. So much so he tried to grab another kid that he thought was his at the ATM! :eek I noticed in his bag he had the exact type of cheese hat that I use in my act!! :eek :eek DAMMIT!! :lol I mean c’mon! What are the odds????

Ummm so any hits what it could mean?? :lol :lol Have no fear my kiddies, :D we will still be at the AATP performing next year in Kona! Wouldn’t miss that!

I also said that I wouldn’t do the book either. Why bother?? The ending SUCKS!! The 3 of us were suppose to do it. Then Steven Farmer said we needed to finish it (as have others) He gave us the ending of the book. He said that Andrew’s Ascension is actually the beginning of the story not the end!! DAMMIT!! No one will let me sit in my own pity party!! i.e. S**T Wot up wid dat?? lol

Martin went into Radio Shack because Andrew told him that he wanted Martin to buy himself a little “sumthin sumthin” :D When Martin walked in “Imagine” was playing. After that there were all these songs playing in the mall that reminded us of Andrew. It was like he was the DJ or something! He wanted to make very sure that we knew he was indeed with us! Well, it worked! I got some presents already for Christmas for Martin from Andrew. I wasn’t sure I would feel what he wanted to get him but I was wrong! He made it quite clear! I even got our cuz Christine something from him. They shared a room together when she lived w/us for 6 months back in 2002. She loves frogs. We found an ornament w/2 frogs & you get it personalized. I knew ANdrew wanted to get it for her. I was a little freaked that I wouldn’t hear what he wanted to say on it. As it came time for the woman to write what I wanted, I stumbled a bit but then took a deep breath and it came to me! I had the woman put “Christine and Andrew” “Muckers Forever” PERFECT! Andrew is so good at this! It was fun shopping with him today. I mean if Andrew can make urn shopping fun…. right?? He’s a good child!Thursday we go to the airport & drop off the last of family here w/us from out of town. Then we will be on our own. Not sure how that’s going to go. Martin thinks it will be great. We’ll work on connecting more with him. Well, me connecting more with him anyway. We have so much to go thru still, that will take up some time….and some tears.

Blogging will help me get through I suppose. I have notes on things I still need to write about.

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


:blowkiss :LOVE Magickal Blessings!


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5 Responses to HE’S A GOOD CHILD!

  1. ClaireAnne says:

    Hey peeps
    How goes it? Im sorry, I cheated too!!! I got my tomorrows fix today! I couldnt resist. Came on to get my yesterday fix and tomorrows was on there too!! What can I say, Im in Oz, in the Future – it cany be helped!!
    I am so loving what you are doing, continuing your “story” it has got to the stage now where I can read the blog, comments and guest reports without crying – RESULT!!
    You are amazing people with how you are coping with everything. Its so good that you still have a certain connection with him. I do believe that continuing the blog and describing your feelings will help. Why should you go through it alone when there is so many of us want to experience it with you.
    You are both constantly in our thoughts. Love you both very much
    Speak to you soon
    ClaireAnne xxxx

  2. Swati says:

    Too bad…I told you I take my job as stalker really well. It is 9:49 here, and I have already read it :D. So tomorrow you’ll have to write more for me :D.

    Of course you will continue your work as a comedian…who else can make people laugh when her son has recently ascended to the cool peoples’ place? And of course you will write that book! God!! The book really does start with his ascension. He will have so many wonderful things to write about HOME, his experiences, he will have plenty to teach us. Thank God for Steven!

    What are you doing? Sleeping?? Why? But WHY?? Wake up! Sit here and talk to me. Wake Martin up too. I want to talk to Andrew too. I really really do! .

    What? There is a time difference you say? You are 3 hours ahead of me? Sleeping time for you? Oh well, then you’ll have to move here. We just had a strong earthquake here an hour back. Everything shook and bounced and VIBRATED. So we had some cool vibrations too. LOL! What an experience! A “welcome to California Swati” show. When you move here, we’ll ask for another earthquake for you…just for you :D. I can’t imagine what you’ll have to say about it!!

    Ok…..I’ll go, you will not wake up. You must be snoring under the effect of Benadryl.

    Thanks for being in my life Connie…your family is amazing.


  3. Karen T. says:

    Connie, I was going nuts trying to get on earlier today, I mean yesterday and my computer wouldn’t connect! I hadn’t gotten to read since the blog about Andrew’s services being a celebration…I was having withdrawal! LOL! The service was so touching and inspirational…truly a good show! And as I said to you as I hugged you goodbye at the Rover, I am so glad I met you. It’s been a year now. I remember thinking you were such a neat lady at that 30+ Mom’s dinner back then, that I’d like to know you; then I was blown away by your 4-G’s show and that’s when I met Martin, and Elatia and Andrew briefly; we’ve been Myspacing for all this time; we had the lunch together so I could get your book, which btw further changed me for the better, and you colored with my daughter and flirted with my son; then you opened up your heart with this blog from the beginning of Andrew’s healing journey to now; plus a fun night of Talking Heads fun at the Beach Club benefit… without having met you back then, I wouldn’t be receiving these blessings from your wonderful, amazing son right now or from you and Martin, for that matter! It was no coincidence having met you back then…I believe you call them Godincidences. Meeting you happened exactly when I needed it to. My life will never be the same and I thank you for that, you and the Powers That Be. This blog brings me great joy when I read it…thank you for having the heart and courage to share. You are an amazing lady! Martin has a wonderful gift and he put me at peace on 2 very painful events from my past that night at 4-G’s, for that I am forever grateful. And I don’t have to tell you how much of a blessing getting to know your son has been! I am sure you have read it over and over again from us all! I am ecstatic that it is all to be continued. You and your family have touched me deeply. I was explaining to someone that you weren’t much more than an acquaintance at the beginning of Andrew’s journey, but I have been more blessed by getting to know you and your family than I have been by the closest loved ones I have. As I said, I am so glad I met you!!

    Great love to you!

  4. Junie says:

    Hi…. I have been able to get on here since Andrew transitioned.. it is his way of giving me inside access and you one blog instead of you having to e-mail me seperate. We love you and know you will be a comedian again and get your inspiration from Andrew. Especailly write that BOOK…. you can’t let that not happen. I am a librarian that is not tolerated in our profession! Love to Elatia and Martin….. Junie

  5. Janice Olson says:

    Oh Connie!!! I love reading your blog and know you’ll finish the book. And, you will continue to grow as a comedienne (and Martin as a Com-medium–LOL!). All the successful comedians I know (and that’s two, including you) and the ones that wrote autobiographies had painful childhood and experiences. How else can we appreciate a deep belly-laugh unless we have also felt sorrow. As they say, laughter is the best medicine!!

    I have a book for you and Martin. It’s called “Messages from Boo” and I was never sure why I had it but now I know it was for you.

    The last couple days I had some “Godincidences” that are for you too: twice, yes TWICE, someone mentioned the “clown chakra” when we were talking about energy. Hello? I never, ever heard anyone but you ever say that! The world needs you to help us heal our clown chakras!!! :)

    I love you Connie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all in my prayers and am inspired by all the emotions, love, healing and laughter you’ve shared with us all.

    BTW, it was really hard last week to tell people my gut-wrenching sobs for for a boy I never even met. But truly, they didn’t understand I have been tagging along on the journey since that day in July.

    You’re the best mama ever!! :)

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