I know it’s Andrew being really good to me and trying to make me feel better when these things happen below.

As you know he always called me Pretty Mama. He was always saying “How’s it going Pretty Mama?” “Whose the Prettiest Mama in the world??” And I ALWAYS had to answer him! And I better answer him correctly! LOL

I’m use to getting compliments on my hair. The color the look, whatever, and I ALWAYS say I have a great hairdresser & hand out a card if I can. But this was different. Me and Denise were at Walmart the other day and this woman passes me and stops to talk about my hair. She LOVED the red and was saying she has thought about going red. She was saying how perfect that red was for me. That it was stunning and that I was the prettiest woman in Walmart, very striking. (ok, so it’s not that hard to be that in Walmart, throw me a bone!) I have never had anyone make such a fuss before like that. Then I could feel Andrew’s energy and I knew it was him that made that happen. He wanted to make sure I knew that I was still his Pretty Mama! He’s a good child!

But he wasn’t done. Me and Denise were at Walmart yet again yesterday. I forgot to get sneakers. I wore mine out at the hospital. So I get a few things and decided to get a small bottle of wine. We go to check out and the woman asked Denise if I was over 27. I thought she was kidding so I kidded with her and said “ummm yea, but not much over.” She was 1/2 kidding and 1/2 not. She actually wanted to see my ID!!! So I told her she was my new best friend!! (Sorry Denise!) AND she made my day. She couldn’t believe I’m 46. She said her friend is 46 and doesn’t look that good and is having all kinds of work done. Now you know that was Andrew again!

He’s a good Child but he’s still grounded for all this when I get to the Other Side!! He won’t be allowed to leave the castle for a month…..or 50 yrs. since there’s no time there!! LOL


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3 Responses to HE’S A GOOD CHILD!

  1. Swati says:

    That was sooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!! Absolutely Andrew’s work! His way of asking you, “Who’s the prettiest mamma?”. That was LOVELY!!! :D

  2. admin says:

    Geez Swati!! DO you sleep on your computer key board??? LOL

    Isn’t he a great Mama’s Boy!!??

  3. Sandra says:

    Yes, she does!!! LOL

    Connie and Martin, lots of hugs. Thank YOU so much for sharing your life with us and the amazing moments you have with Andrew. What a special soul he is.
    Oh I also meant to say I LOVE the poem Jeremy wrote. I never got a chance to reply to your post on the Angel Board but WOW that poem really says it all.

    Love to you always,


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