Martin recently got one of his dream guitars, a Taylor. So he’s been having a blast playing it. He’s been busy playing with all his new recording stuff he has recently bought.

While he was in the office, the lair, his man cave, Andrew was trying to get him to take apart his father’s electric guitar. Andrew was plannin on getting his Granda’s guitar fixed before he was diagnosed. Andrew saved up and bought his 1st and only electric guitar when he was around 13yo. It is red like his Granda’s. Brian Johnson, lead singer from AC/DC signed it and it went from a $250 guitar to a $3,000 guitar! Thanks Brian! Brian hangs out at the Irish Rover when he is not on tour.

Anyway, back in the lair, the office, the man cave, Martin is holding his father’s guitar and Andrew was really trying to get Martin to take apart the guitar. Andrew LOVED taking things apart to fix them or see how they are ran. Martin tried to tell him that one of the dials was missing. Andrew replies, “It’s probably inside the guitar Daddy! Go on, open it up!” Martin replies, “NO! I want to take it to Guitar Center.” Andrew, “They don’t do repairs, open it up! We can fix it! Mommy has one of those small screw driver thingys.” Martin replies “NO! AND they do have technicians at Guitar Center!” Martin then realizes he needs to put down his dad’s guitar to break the unrelenting energy Muck had on opening up his dad’s guitar. When he does, he sees Andrew in his camo shorts and black t-shirt bent over laughing at Martin. He then sees Andrew is holding a t-shirt. Andrew shows it to Martin laughing really hard, and it says, “I’m Easy!” and says “Here’s your sign Daddy!” Martin tried to argue with him, but he knew he had no defense and couldn’t keep a straight face trying to argue with him. hehehehe

Andrew wasn’t done yet! To prove how easy Martin is, Andrew asks Martin to polish his guitar. Martin tried to be defiant and as he is going to tell Andrew no, the next thing Martin knows, Andrew’s guitar is in his lap and he is polishing it up. As he is polishing it up in Muck’s OCD specifications, he hears Andrew say “Wax on wax off! Wax on, wax off! LOL I’m thinking “Dance puppet! Dance!” :-D Martin wears his etheric “I’m Easy!” t-shirt proud! In his defense, Martin was that easy when Andrew was here. Those men of mine! :-D


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  1. Andrewrox :) says:

    LOL Martin is so easy to get around :D

  2. admin says:

    he really is!

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