I have mentioned before how Andrew and Martin work together doing commercial readings and how Andrew adds comic relief when the readings get to be too much about loser relationships. You know the ones, like the ones that start off with, “Hi I met this guy on the internet…” or “I haven’t talked to this guy in 2 years since he told me to stop stalking him, BUT he’s my soul mate…” You get the idea. You can see how it can suck the life and soul out of you doing these kinds of readings, which is why Andrew adds the comic relief. It helps in not totally suckin the life out of Martin. Martin has been really busy since we came back from California Psychic’s home office in L.A. a few weeks ago. We’re thinking it’s the new pic they took of him that is helping. It’s a great picture.

On this particular night of readings, Andrew was also wearing different t-shirts, it was like he was having costume changes like Cher! He did love him some Cher. One of the t-shirts said “I LOVE Pretty Mama!” :-D Awwww how sweet! Martin’s favorite t-shirt that Andrew has worn is the “I AM” one. Another t-shirt he wore that night said “Life Is A Game…” Andrew’s quote and the title of our book, on the front of the t-shirt, and on the back Martin thought it would say “I Never Want To Stop Playing,” the rest of Andrew’s quote, but NO! It did not. Instead it just said, “Innit?” Innit, is an English expression for “isn’t it” our English brother in law, Tonski, says that a lot. Well, Martin laughed so hard at that one. It caught him off guard. It helped keep the night light.

It was getting late and past Martin’s usual quitting time of 1a.m. when Andrew says, “We’re done Daddy. The sun is almost coming up here anyway.” Martin asks, “Really?” Remember, Martin had been reading for about 7 hours straight. Then Andrew says laughing, “No Daddy, not really! Go to bed!” So Martin did.


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