Elatia entered me into a “Celebrate Mom” contest on LifeTime TV for a spa retreat. I don’t even know where the retreat is and care even less! Alls I know is it’s a spa retreat! :-D

I don’t know how it works but I know you can vote for the pics! So yes, I am here begging for votes at the link below. :-) Hopefully it will work, if not I will just give you the url to copy and paste. I will do anything to get a spa retreat! Isn’t a retreat more than one day??
my life time tv

The link works! AND you can, if you have no life like myself, click my smaller picture when it comes up & shows you how many votes I have and the page comes up to vote again!! It’s like American Idol!….kinda, you can vote as many times as you want!! This is helping my Idol withdrawal! :-)


P.S. Vote a 10 PLEEEEASE! :-D :-D :-D

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37 Responses to HELP A WEARY WHINER OUT?

  1. Leila says:

    Geesh between the picture and the story Elatia wrote how can they not give it to you???? You’ve got my votes! :-)

  2. Denise says:

    You’ve got my vote too Heres to another Spa Treatment Whaaa Hooo

  3. Janet says:

    Okay, I gave you a 10 ten times your at 120 votes now :o) if ya win call me I will go with you Hope your doing okay waiting to hear about your visit to the west coast? any dates yet?? Love you all Janet

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    I got myself to 100 before I went to bed. :-) Just got myself to 150! I have nothing better to do today, other than clean and do laundry….and beg some other places to let me perform at their fine establishment. Thanks for the 10 votes Janet…now go back and do a 100 more! LOL LOL

    I haven’t heard from the Metaphysical Chapel yet but I will e-mail them again since it’s been more than 2 weeks since they said they would get back to me. I will let them know of our demand for being in the area! lol Martin’s friend is whining about when will we be coming over.

    You’d think Leila! So far I think what Elatia wrote is the most compelling! She picked the picture. I suggested the one with Andrew wearing the blue wig and me kissing him but she said this one was more compelling. I concur.

    Ok Denise, I know I better have more than just your ONE vote! You only have one massage today, get to clicking girlie! LOL

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Got you up to 300!

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    I was just there and it said 275….who cares woo hoooo i’ll get me up to 300 too and maybe that will be more than 300

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  7. Joanie Light says:

    Well, I’m adding my votes. Hope it’s not like that spa retreat that Oprah did where they did that scary thing where they climbed a 40 foot pole and stepped off while wearing a safety harness. That’s not my idea of a retreat. Hot rocks massage, bubbly whirlpool, Chip n Dale guys giving me a private dance….oh, did I type that. Oops!(wink)

  8. Janet says:

    OOOOOHHHHHHHH LALA Im with Joanie give us all the Chip n Dale guys Connie and we will vote till our little fingers fall off lol oh wait no no something else will have to fall off we will need those fingers for touching those fine bods LMAO Hope you at least get a good smile from this post Connie!!!!

  9. Pretty Mama says:

    I’m diggin your idea of a spa retreat Joanie!! I gotta keep voting! Chip and Dales??? oh yea! BUT I would also love to jump with a safety harness!!! I woulda done that in a heart beat! What do I have to fear?? :-D Death?? I don’t think so!

    I am pathetic! I’m sitting here voting over and over and over and over again while I wait for my cuz Crissy to call to say she in on US soil in NY! She’s landing tonight in Orlando!! Woo Hooo a play mate for 2 weeks! I will probably go into a deep depression in about 2 weeks! :-( Unless I manage to book a few shows to lok forward to.

  10. Pretty Mama says:

    We must’ve been typing at the same time Janet! Oh yes, we must save the ole fingers! BUT we don’t need all of them to vote. I’m still voting! :-D We actually have the Chip and Dales that come to the comedy club here on occasion!

  11. Tammy says:

    Ok I voted…..I’ll vote some more……and some more & more…oh & should I vote some more?


  12. Pretty Mama says:

    Ahhhhh VOTE SOME MORE!!! As soon as you vote if you look to the right, my pic is there smaller with the stats, you click on that and it takes back to the page for voting!! It’s a voting war!!!! I love it!!!! WOoT WoOT

  13. Leah Clark says:

    Well, if nothing else, have Martin wear a tux. Woot! hahahahaha

  14. Leah Clark says:

    Up to 700 now! wooooo-hoooo!

  15. kimberley says:

    Ok, your at 1001 now! I’ll pass on the Chip n Dale guy’s. Give me a young Clint Eastwood.

  16. Leila says:

    1441!!! Keep on clickin :-)

  17. Pretty Mama says:

    I’m still a clickin!!! WOoT WoOt!! I’m over 1600!!!!!

  18. admin says:

    I’m going for 2000!!! :-D I made it to over 2100 before finally going to bed!! WOot wOoT!!!!!!!!


  19. Dana says:

    I voted once! How pathetic am I? ;-) I will vote some more when I get a mo!
    I’m booking myself some sessions at the Wege Institute thru my work. At least I work for the only hospital in town that believes in Holistic Health! I don’t know how ‘spa’ like they are, but they are a fraction of the cost and I get a discount!

    Whooo hooo! I think your story Connie DESERVES to win!

  20. admin says:

    Thanks Dana! I am over 2700 now!!! WOoo HoooOO

    Enjoy your sessions!

  21. Jane says:

    You’re up to 2757. Go Connie !!!

  22. Jane says:

    3000 now.

  23. Pretty Mama says:

    I have found out that to get be the highest rated (which I was around #5 or so) I need to have my ave. score up. I’m at 8.6 now, was at 8.9 last night. I checked the top mom and she was over 9.0 So all my voting isn’t getting me the highest average score. BaaaaaWaaaaaaa!!!!!

    I’m up to over 3100 now tho!! That’s gotta count for something! The way they have it set up that you have to vote to see the next pic stinks because if you are working on getting your score up you could give the pic a 1! I should have a higher rating since I know everyone voted a 10 for me. What up wid dat!?

  24. Leila says:

    I know!!!! I was on this morning and the highest rated had less than 300 votes. What’s with that??? I don’t understand?????? (Yes-I’m clicking on 10)
    Oh well…I’ll just keep click’in away anyway! :-)

  25. admin says:

    Thanks Leila!

    My rating dropped now to 8.4 WTF??? Me not happy about that!

  26. Karen T. says:

    Well, I voted you to 3400 but the rating is still at 8.4….hmmmm! I am hitting 10 everytime. Wonder why!!

  27. Karen T. says:

    Oh, and just click the back arrow to not give points to others.

  28. Carolyn Davis says:

    I just voted about 20 times with a rating of 10 each time; it got you up
    to 3510. I hope you win the Spa retreat and have a wonderful, relaxing
    time. The rating still says 8.4 though. Is that contest rigged or something?
    When will you know who won?

  29. Carolyn Davis says:

    Ok, I voted some more. You are now at 3550 and are at a rating
    of 10.0. I looked at it wrong before, it says the average is 8.4.
    So, you are on your way to winning a SPA Retreat. Yeaaaaaa!!!!

  30. Pretty Mama says:

    Thanks Carolyn and Karen!! You guys are great!!! I really dunno how it works. Since my daughter did it I guess they would contact her if I won. I don’t know how long it runs for or what determines the winner. Baaa waaa! I don’t even know where the retreat is!!!! I just know I want one!!!!! :-D

  31. Leila says:

    OK…I clicked on highest rated…then I voted for them (ONLY a 1!!) and that person had almost 30,000 votes…geesh! doesn’t her family have a life???!!!! LOL

    We need more voters or all this time we’re spending voting we could be working and just *donate* the spa trip to you Connie!!!! ;-)

    No worries I’ll just keep clicking when I’m not doing anything else. I voted over hundred times yesterday but only about 15 so far today…I know I should be voting now instead of wasting precious time writing this! ROFLAO

  32. admin says:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL Leila!Oh that Biotch!!! 30,000 votes??? I didn’t see that one!!! Arrrrgggggg!!!!! That’s total BS!!! I gotta get back to voting!!!

  33. Jane says:

    Don’t you get RSI from all that clicking Connie !!!

  34. admin says:

    That will mean I will really need the spa retreat get away! :-)

  35. Leila says:

    :-) I was just shown a way….have you voted lately??????


    Love & hugs

  36. Leila says:


    I am soo excited! I found a way to vote 124x in less than a minute!
    I got you up to 13477!!!!

    I have to take Rocko to the vet for his lab work…will check in later today…if no response here I’ll email you!

    Keep voting people the party’s not over yet!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  37. admin says:

    This is awesome!!!! Gonna go and do it now!!!

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