Andrew came through last night for me after my whining about no signs that day for me. I got on the treadmill again, I had already done 60 mins earlier in the day but did another 20 mins last night, to give myself a little extra insurance for my little indiscretion with a rueben sandwich and a side of fries I had for lunch and dinner. It was one order people! Not 2! I have some control ya know.

Elatia and I went to Weight Watcher’s and I only lost 6/10th of a pound!! R U kidding me with this?? I worked out 7 freakin days and stuck to my points dammit! Had days I was hungry! What? Did I cut my nails to lose only 6/10ths of a pound???? WTF?? Elatia lost 3 lbs! Yea, yea, yea, I know, she’s young. Blah, blah, freakin blah!

So I drowned my sorrows in a reuben sandwich. Oh hell yea it was worth it! Being good only got me 6/10ths of pound less?? SO I rebelled! BUT I got on the treadmill again. When I got on I noticed that the pulse numbers were coming up and going all crazy. I didn’t even touch the pulse button! It did it the whole time. I was wondering if it was Andrew playing with the pulse button but thought it was a fluke instead. UNTIL today that is. I got on my treadmill again for 45 mins. Who knew a treadmill did more than just hold clothes?! LOL The pulse numbers NEVER came up! It was fine! It stayed on distance the whole time. So me thinks it was indeed Andrew!

Then when I came out to my chair after my 20 min run to no where on the treadmill, I was sitting in my chair & I felt a buzzing on my left shoulder. I feel a vibration when Andrew touches me, so I stop and tune into it to get the full effect. I know the more I do this, the stronger the connection will get for me. I knew he was standing behind me with his arm around me. Cool huh? Not the situation I wanted to be in, but since I am, it is cool he does this for me.

Here’s a story I shared on the angel board about Andrew making me laugh last night………..

Like last night Andrew made me laugh when Martin was taking a look at our 2 1/2 yr old fridge that isn’t working at the mo. He said “Daddy needs his plumber’s crack first before he starts taking a look at it!” It was so quick that he ‘said’ it and showed me it, & by that I mean he showed me a fat plumber’s crack, yea, I’ll thank him for that when I get over there believe me! I start laughing out of the blue and Martin was like, ‘what the heck is so funny?’ Well, when I told him what Andrew said, he had to laugh as well. The irony of it is, is that Martin doesn’t have enough ‘junk in the trunk’ to make a plumber’s crack anyway! Which made it funnier! The 3 of us still have our funny moments together. Again, not the way I ever wanted it to be, but better than what most get to have when they physically lose a child.


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6 Responses to HE CAME THROUGH FOR ME!

  1. Swati says:

    Hellooooooooooo I am back home. Came in late last night. Had a really horrid trip. We were all sick, and the kids are still sick. It’ll take a couple of days and then I guess we’ll all be back to normal.

    I have an Andrew story too for you! :-D I was reading a book on the flight back about how Spirits give signs by flickering lights. I thought of the times it happened…but never on request. So I thought I’d try it with Andrew in the plane. So I called him in my mind…at first I didn’t hear from him, then I called again (yeah, I was a pest). He came, and I asked him to please flicker the lights for me to show me he was there. His answer was, “What?? Why? But you already speak to me in your mind, Why do you need this?”. LOL! I replied, “Because I just read about it, and it was cool”. He says, “I don’t want to do that with the lights in an aircraft”. So I whined. He said , “Ok”. And then the reading light went on! I was shocked, then I saw that as soon as he said yes, Natasha switched on the reading light. I heard him laughing and he asked me if that was ok. So I whined some more. Then I saw the tube light flicker…but I noticed it seemed to flicker because the sun was playing hide and seek through the window. He said that was all he could do, because he woudn’t tamper with aircraft lighting even if they were inside. LOL!! Well, I think it was great. It made me grin ear to ear in that otherwide horrible journey. LOL!! I don’t know why he didn’t want to do it with aircraft lighting…must be a reason for it.

    Anyway, it is 1:16 at night here, and I am now trying the same thing with AAM…asking him to flicker the bulbs in this computer room, but all that is happening is I feel the familiar warmth on my left hand…and he is saying, “You’ll freak if I flicker the lights”. Which is well…..kinda true….but still…..whine whine whine.


  2. Dana says:

    Awww….Connie’s stories and Swati’s whining! All is right with the world again!

    *huge smiles!*

  3. Pretty Mama says:

    Yes, yes it is Dana! WoO HOo! Swati is home!

    Andrew was ALWAYS a cautious one and to fool with lights in a metal tube hurdling 600 MPH, 36,000 feet in the air?? Yea, he sided on the air of caution! LOL He’s exploded light bulbs here! Be glad he is so cautious Swati! Altho I just found out from Wesley that Andrew use to jump off Wes’s grandmother’s roof!! Something Wes didn’t even do!!!

  4. Leo says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and had more signs and felt Andrew’s presence. Good for you for getting back up on that treadmill!

    Have you been watching The Biggest Loser? My youngest son turned me onto it in the last three weeks. I cried last night as I saw the amazing changes in them in only 13 weeks. Wow. So, getting back up on that treadmill will and is helping you get to your ideal weight.

    Welcome, Swati!


  5. Karen T. says:

    Oh the visual Connie…LOL! I am laughing too.

    Welcome home Swati!

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    That was a visual I did NOT need Karen! LOL He will pay when I see him again!

    I haven’t seen the Biggest Loser. Martin did say the other day that he read on yahoo that a lot of the people end up gaining the weight back. I was sorry to hear that. I was on my tread mill 9 days in a row for 2.5 to 3.75 miles a day! I took yesterday off but going to workout with Elatia today. :-D I was very good yesterday! ;-)

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