Ahhhhhh feels good to be back on here! I hope to be able to finish this post so hang in there if I don’t. I have a party I’m going to tonight with Doreen in a band with Mark Watson, Tatiana, and Danny.

Last night we had an impromptu show at the cafe by the inside pool at the Sheridan where we are staying. During the Advanced Angel Therapy class we met a family from Portugal that took a liking to us. They can spot talent when they see it! ;-) They missed our show on Halloween and they really wanted to see it. So they took it upon themselves to spread the word in the current Angel Therapy(r) Class that their brother and son was taking.

We had a turn out of 60 people!! Even a family that was playing pool decided to join us as well as some staff members of the hotel. We had more fun doing that show last night than the one on Halloween for over 300 people! Weird huh?? On Halloween people were distracted with commotion going on in the back of the room fr costumes and people couldn’t hear in the back. Last night was up close and personal. We decided to do some comedy then some of the songs Andrew has given Martin. I’d share an inspirational story about Andrew then Martin sang a song from him. It all just flowed so smoothly. It was so much fun! I am still flying high from it!
So because of last night, we are going to focus on doing a musical show that inspires and teaches how to move through grief instead of doing the metaphysical comedy show. People aren’t ready for us. Trying to book the metaphysical comedy show is a freakin nightmare! Metaphysical churches are threatened by it, people just don’t get it, so we’ll focus on the music, everyone gets music. Once we make a name for ourselves on the “circuit” then we can offer the metaphysical comedy.

As soon as we get home we will be working on getting this music cd made ASAP! We may even take pre orders to help with the cost of producing them. AND I might start getting the 1st book about Andrew ready to be self published. What we learned from last night was the importance of back of the room sales! We did a free show for an hour and made money selling my book and Martin’s meditation cd’s. Now that is what I’m talking about!! More later. Leaving for So-Cal tomorrow. (nov 11)

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11 Responses to HAWAIIAN PUNCH!!

  1. Denise says says:

    Awesome!!!!!! can’t wait till you get back miss ya !!! put me down for the CD
    I want the first 1of 1 trillion !!!!

  2. Pretty Mama says:

    You have proven your groupie status Denison! I think we may have pre-orders to help with the cost of producing, we will be using a company to make them this time.

  3. Swati says:

    [quote]So because of last night, we are going to focus on doing a musical show that inspires and teaches how to move through grief instead of doing the metaphysical comedy show.[/quote]

    Hmmm…I posted this before and it vanished before my eyes. LOL! Either I am stoned or this blog is (mumbles incoherently).

    Anyway, I was saying, that this is a WONDERFUL idea. And I am so happy you had a great show at Kona. Susan was telling me how awesome your show was, and how cool it was to meet you.

  4. Karen T. says:

    I am so glad to hear too! Yay!

  5. Dana says:

    I think your new focus is AWESOME Connie! Put me down for a cd as well!

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    Martin and I are really excited about this. I think it will be easier to book us pushing the music, inspirational stories and moving through grief kind of thing. People just loved what we did Sunday night. I am actually looking forward to going home and getting started!

  7. Joanie Light says:

    I can’t believe we missed it!! So glad is was such a success. Put us down for the CD and book, too. I wish we could have had more time to visit before we had to catch our flight. We must have been out of our bodies a bit. I was also really sad about leaving early, not getting to hang out longer with everyone and go to the after party. I told Bennie that I wish we all lived closer so we could all go out to dinner on a regular basis like we did in Kona and see your show. I have not laughed that hard in ages.

    PS-You and Martin looked great! Congrats on the Weight Watcher success!

  8. Leah Clark says:

    What a GREAT idea! That seems to be what people really connected with at the Soul Mirror concert. Tell Martin I’m ready to help with the music!!!

  9. Pretty Mama says:

    We are calling Danny asap to see if he wants to help us record it. He has a full digital recording studio in his house & he lives right up the street. When we start work recording, we will be looking for venues to perform. We’ll keep you updated.

    Joanie, Martin and I had such a great time with you and Bennie. It was just what we needed! The Portuguese family organized the impromptu show. We left it in their hands. Jerry and Stav were there, I don’t why you didn’t know. I know the day and time kept changing so I wasn’t even sure it was really going to happen & we started at 9:30pm, which is kinda late. I think Jerry and Stav happen to be walking by the cafe and just stayed.

    We will definitely see about coming out by you Joanie once we have one of these metaphysical places buy into us and we can do the circuit.

    I was on the treadmill 8 days in a row for an hour and half a day hoping to keep the weight off, I’ll know Monday. I’m a little afraid to go! :-0

    We were stuck at the Atlanta airport ALL last night! So instead of getting home late last night, we didn’t get home until today at 11:30am. Spending the night in an airport SUCKS! SO we are tired, have a big psychic party tonight and I won’t be in any shape to write for a day or 2 is my guess. I have some cool signs from Andrew to write about. Martin has some cool stuff he’ll be blogging about as well.

    Back to etheric ((((HUGS))))) to everyone!

  10. Dana says:

    So you are FINALLY home? *cheers!* I need my daily fixes here y’know! Glad you had a great time and had a re-focus! I’m awaiting the updates!

  11. Leah Clark says:

    Oh, cool – right up the street, full service – awesome! :)

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