This is a message that was sent by our dear friend, Leah, who has the absolute coolest experiences with Andrew/PureHeart. I am so grateful that she shares her experiences with him with me. Here is her encounter with my son this morning…

“During the meditation, I saw the Light that means PureHeart is here. He has his hands held out in front of him, & they bathed me in a golden glow. He told me that the light was joy, and I have to choose joy to keep the Light around me. The Light burned away the old me and revealed a new, golden, joyful me. He smiled, put his elf hat on and vanished.”

What a powerful, beautiful message and delivered in the holiday spirit to boot. :-) He was always joyful here and continues to share that joy. That is my Mucker! It makes me so happy when I read how my boy continues to effect peoples’ lives (even as an elf :-D ) in such a positive, joyful way from the Other Side. It does a Pretty Mama’s heart good!


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2 Responses to HAPPY HAPPY! JOY JOY!

  1. Karen T says:

    Again…too cool!!

  2. admin says:

    AND that one was with your friend Leah!

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