We had to tell Andrew that he was not in remission. :( He was upset. But we told him that we must stay positive and KNOW that he is healed! Like I said the fun just never stops! :\

I put extra stickers on his chemo tonight. Love, healed on one & Gratitude, Healed on another, all with hearts. I got stickers all over his chemo!! :D Then I held the IV and said “May his body only use what it needs and release the rest with grace and ease.” So it is!!

He got sick twice tonight. It seems to bother me more than him. It’s the mom gene :hugkiss

Sooo to take his mind off of all this, I started talking to him about his wishes for the Children’s Wish Foundation. I was thinking about it b 4 I found out all this. Andrew just loves the show Gene SImmons Family Jewels. I like it too, it makes me laugh. I love Nick his son.

ANdrew said he loves Gene’s biz savy and family values. He said he has the ultimate family. He has the money AND the love, happiness and FUNCTIONING family! Soooo I got to thinking hmmmm maybe he would like to meet Gene and spend a day talking to him about business. ANd who knows maybe after Gene talks to Andrew and sees what an amazing kid he is he may want to help him launch Wizard’s Window. Altho I know ANdrew won’t call it Gene Simmon’s WIzard’s WIndow….I don’t think. ;)

What I actually said was that Gene would fall in love with him and Andrew said “Not like Michael Jackson!” :lol I said “No! Not like in a Jesus juice sort of way! ” :lol Then ANdrew starts talking like Michael Jackson!!! I was ROFLMAO!! Martin had to lean on the wall because he was laughing so hard. It was sooooo funny. SOmetimes I wish I could record our times together!!

I think I am over the intial shock now. But that could change with more news. I go to my happy place where I believe he will be in remission after this round and all will be well. The dr’s have to give worst case along with the hope. We just all have to KNOW and BELIEVE that this round will put him into remission so he can have the transplant.
It’s nice to know we are not alone on this healing journey. :blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE


Magickal Blessings!

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