Thought I’d share something fun this time. I figured the last 2 posts might have done some of your heads in! :-D Especially the last one for those in which all this kind of stuff is new.

Andrew is big on giving signs. The knack to getting signs from our loved ones on the Other Side is to ACKNOWLEDGE them and not brush them off as coincidence! When we acknowledge them we tend to get even more!

For instance, Martin and I were at Elatia’s on Tuesday for dinner. Martin and I were sitting on her balcony when Martin heard “Look up” he did and then told me to and asked me what one particular cloud looked like. I said an arrow head. Martin said exactly! Andrew collected arrow heads. They fascinated him. Then the cloud disappeared, not even dissipated but disappeared slowly. It was Andrew saying hello. Some may say that we’re grasping at straws, we say those people have a boring and unimaginative life with no magick in it!

Now here’s the funny one. Martin was at Best Buy waiting in line when the guy in front of him credit card is declined. Martin got the hit  that it wasn’t that he was over his limit, just that he must’ve used it a lot that day and the C.C. company was being cautious.

SO the guy says he will just put something back. What does he take out of the bag to put back??? The Muppets and John Denver Christmas dvd!!! LOL LOL LOL! Martin didn’t think it was even available anymore! Andrew said “That’s only worth downloading not buying!” LOL What are the odds??!!! How funny is that??

That my friends, was a HUGE sign that Andrew was there!

Remember to pay attention to the subtle signs your loved ones are sending your way to show their love. It honors them & makes you feel good!


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6 Responses to HA HA HA

  1. Swati says:

    How beautiful is that!! I sometimes go through these phases of brushing off signs from above as my imagination. But then I notice…what am I getting from all this? Only hurt. Acknowledging the signs and saying, “I love you too” feels so much better :).

  2. Dana says:

    yuppers! I tell my clients alla the time to be aware of the signs around them. But like Swati – sometimes I forget to practice what I preach *whistles innocently*

    That is so coolio about the CD!

  3. admin says:

    We have so many signs from Andrew I need t sit down and really remember them so I can share them here. From the obvious to the subtle they all count!

  4. Joanie Light says:

    When my mom passed, I was in Texas preparing for her celebration. I went to a big department store for something and heard a little boy about three singing a children’s song. It was a song that my mother had sung to the grandchildren when they were little. I had not heard that song for over 25 years. Other than my mother singing it, I had never heard the song anywhere else before. I knew it was a sign from her. That same day my daughter-in-law heard my mom calling her name. It sort of freaked her out a little. When she looked in on Grace who was an infant at the time, Grace was looking up and cooing and laughing like someone was entertaining her….definitely my mom who had been too sick to come see the baby.

  5. Anna Taylor says:

    Awww that that is sooooooo lovely, Connie!

    And I loved your story too, Joanie!



  6. Leah Clark says:

    It’s always interesting to me how I ask for signs about whether or not I’m supposed to be doing something, then in hindsight I can see that I was stepping OVER the signs, asking for more signs! LOL I’m going to use your experience to remind myself to look for and acknowledge the signs I’m receiving right now!

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