You’d think now that I’m home that I’d be able to sleep. I have been. But I guess the routine of getting the blog done first thing in the a.m. is a hard habit to break. DOn’t want to disappoint the fans. :-)

I sit here now with Andrew’s myspace playing his fav John Denver songs. You Fill Up My Senses is playing now. There’s a part of me that just wants to collapse and sob as I remember all the tender moments we shared & how I won’t have them physically anymore. Then the other part of me, the part me that knows & feels him here with me that gives me some peace. But God I miss him so much! Sometimes I feel like I’m in some bad, twisted, sick movie. Then other times it’s a beautiful amazing love story movie.

“Follow Me” is on now. We had sung that in the PICU when he was intubated. Then when he was awake he actually sang it along with us. It was a very sacred & tender moment w/him.Martin and I don’t stay too far apart these days. We can’t. He helps me get thru my wee moments of panic when I have a realization moment. We go into our room a couple times a day to get our “Mucklets” and it really does help. We lay on the bed, hold hands, then Martin talks me thru the breathing in the energy from Andrew’s Pure Heart & releasing grief and the pain. Then he puts his hand on my heart and I can feel my heart getting “topped up” It’s working since my heart hasn’t ached since Friday still.

There are times I forget and almost say something like, “Let’s get Muck something to go” or was going to tell Jourdan, his girlfriend, that she can come out and visit Andrew anytime. It’s just all so crazy.

BUT! We made it thru the first week w/o our Muck here physically. It certainly wasn’t easy. But here is an example of how I am able to do it.

Yesterday I was taking a nap, a 3 hour one in fact. All of a sudden I start vibrating! Not trembling, believe me, I know what that one feels like all to well. My whole body was vibrating! It was wild! It felt like I was being worked on in a higher vibration. I had 2 sessions of it. I know it was ANdrew and there was other things going on too. Information being given to me. Information I know, I know, but can’t explain. It’s not for me to give just yet so I wasn’t given the words for it at this time. It was just placed in my heart. Almost like a preparation for something.

No worries, I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to be able to leave here now. Alls I know it was ANdrew doing work on me. And I got that confirmation when Martin asked me did I know ANdrew was doing work on me. I said “Hell yes he was!! I had a hard time walking because of the “high” I got from vibrating.” I was disoriented too! It was cool. I had me some buzzy goodness!! :-)

Martin was trying to connect w/ANdrew when this was going on and he said “In a minute, I’m working on Mommy.” He still calls us Mommy and Daddy. He said he likes doing that because he knows it helps us. So when he works on me he puts on his “DO Not DIsturb” sign. :-)

I still have to tell you about the meditation we did before Karen Anderson and Jourdan left. But that will be for another time. I just wanted to give you something to read so you’d keep coming back. I know I make mistakes when writing this and I apologize. I hope I am able to get my point across regardless. It will get better as time goes on. Everyone will be gone on Thursday so I will be living on this blog to keep me busy!! I will need something to do to keep my sanity! SO you are not only reading a mother’s blog but you are helping to keep one “pretty mama’s” sanity! Thank you for that!


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  1. Pranamama says:

    No worry about me going anywhere because I know the best is yet to come…that Andrew has a wealth of love and healing for us all to learn and share with the world!!!

    P.S. The amyethyst angels arrived and I’m putting them in the mail to you today!

  2. kalimajik says:

    lotsa love.

  3. Swati says:

    I’m going nowhere too. I begin my day here as well, always hoping to hear from you. It is so lovely to hear how Andrew worked on you. Especially the vibrations. I have felt them before a few times, so I know what you are talking about. I know you are not telling us about trembling. Its vibrations. Real vibrations.

    You know Connie, I’ve been so in tune with your feelings that when you feel fine I feel fine, when you don’t, I don’t either. lol.

    I pray that Andrew continues to reveal himself to you more and more in the coming days. What he did had to be for a huge purpose, or else so many people wouldn’t be touched by him. He was on to something big.


  4. Kali Robinson says:

    i have bookmarked this blog and also check in everyday.. sedning you love adn lots of hugs as always

  5. admin says:

    Ahhhhhh Swati!! Good stalker!! LOL Right down to being in tune!! That shows dedication! I like that! LOL

    Should be back on track in the next couple of days. I so appreciate everyone’s patience while we get use to our new transition.

    Love to you all!!

  6. Swati says:

    Yayyy!! You replied!! That means a LOT to me Connie, because I think of you, Martin and Andrew all the time. I should have been there with you…because even though I am here, my mind and heart are not, and I’m not being any use to anyone here…lol…most of the time I am at the computer hitting “refresh” to see if you have written more. Did you get my ezmails?

    You know, I wish I were a medium too. I can see how healing it is. And I’m not talking about you and Martin only here. I am talking about the rest of us too…Andrew’s messages, just knowing he is really there has helped all of us a lot.

  7. Leonore says:

    Dear Connie,
    Please don’t apologize for typos, etc. It’s amazing that you’re writing and what you are writing is amazing!

    Hugs, dear sister in spirit.

    I’m so happy for the experiences you are having and for the closeness you and Martin are sharing. Wow!

    During the ascension service I worked on a long piece about what I learned from you, Andrew and Martin. I put it in the ATP topic of What I learned…

    Andrew is “so alive!” he’s excited that he’s so connected to everyone he cares to think of. He’s got a choice about all of it (who to connect with) and it (amazes me as I’m shown it) and on one level he is amazed and on the other it’s like he’s always known and preparedf ro this. He’s in his element. he’s always going to be there for you and his Da.


    Blessed be!

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