By good day I mean his weight is holding, no loss. He wasn’t able to keep his one scandie shake down so he only had gatorade. Hoping no dramatic weight loss tomorrow. ALso he was feeling good, no major stuff going and no tests to be done. He was having a test everytime we turned around the last time we were here. So this trip is indeed easier so far. Funny how your whole perspective can change in 2 months on what’s easy to deal with!!

 The transplant team is moving forward like he’s in remission because that is what they are expecting after round 2 of treatment. I’ll take that as a good sign. :-) We take every win we can! Andrew has 2 pages of exact match bone marrow donors. Being white or is the PC  word caucation, anyway also being American/Irish is a HUGE plus. Tons of donors! WOO HOO! Let’s hear it for bone marrow donors!! Also funny what you will get excited about can change in 2 months. Never thought I’d get excited about bone marrow donors. Never ever!! Amazing what 2 months will change.

 Martin and I had blood drawn today to see if we are indeed matches, our cousin in Ireland was a match for his 11 month old daughter who was diagnosed w/aml leukemia recently. National Health (i.e. free health care, something that eludes this country) sent them to Germany for treatment for 5 months. SHe is cured! Also they do blood tests on us to make sure we are the biological parents….ooops! Note to self, need to have a talk w/Martin! :lol Funny story, when I was pregnant w/ANdrew a friend said to me when I gave him the news, “OMG! Martin must be so excited!” I said, with my incredible wit, “He really is and he’s not even the father!” dead silence on the phone! ROFLMAO (i.e. rolling on the floor laffin my ass off) now I was! DO you even know how hard that is to do at 5 months pregnant?? And while on the phone?? :lol I told him I was kidding, then he laughed. Being quite proud of myself, I shared with Martin what I did. So when I went to his job and we were saying how excited I was he sez “Yea, and she’s not even the mother!” :-0 Just doesn’t have the same impact there Marts! You know what I’m saying?? Hence me being the comedian. :-)

 Where was I?? Oh yea, the blood tests, so we’ll find out soon the results. Keeping fingers crossed I’m the mother!! :-)

Today Nana Springsteen i.e. my mother and Jessie, my niece came by. Always good craic (Irish term for fun) when we have Nana Springsteen.  She just gives us sooooo much material. YOu might have guesed w/the Nana Springsteen name there’s a whole lot of material! We call her that because she wears a bandana when she cleans houses and now when she visits us. Jessie keeps giving her little alzheimer test questions. Ends up being the bandana is just too tight! LOL LOL tickled myself w/that one Mom, sorry! Today Nana Springsteen was dressed like a large Life Savor! Bright yellow plastic shoes, can’t remember the name of them, then her “cantelope,” I was informed, not pink pants, bright yellow shirt from the Irish Rover benefit, and doning her head a neon pink bandana LOL No missing her!! Of course when Jessie saw her, she started with her test questions immediately! LOL LOL (Sorry Mom, the jokes would just get stuck and make me sore if I didn’t get then out!!) You gotta understand, Jessie works in nursing homes as a cna so she’s a little paranoid about alzheimers. She even tests my sister!! Glad I live in Sarasota!! :-) 

Andrew is doing well w/the chemo treatments. It always makes me nervous when they give him one chemo and they have to take his vitals every hour  for 4 hours and the nurse has to wait 15 mins. b 4 she can leave to see if he has a reaction. They leave drugs in the room incase he does have a reaction sometime during the night. So to keep the mom gene in check I put the stickers on it that say, love, gratitude, and healed with hearts and sending loving, grateful energy in by holding the bag and cynlinder & saying THANK YOU FOR ANDREW’S HEALING 3 times. And of course my other chant “his body only uses what it needs….ect” You’ve heard it b 4. I had to change my feelings about chemo. I had to love it and continue loving it. I’m loving it right now and encouraging it to go in and kick some leukemia ass!

I’m hearing stories from people I know that w/some kids it’s taken 3 times of treatment to go into remission. So I know it’s not the end of the world, or at least my world, if it doesn’t happen by 2. But we know it will. 2nd time is a charm! Andrew has too much going for him for it not to work!!

What I have come to realize is, that as much as I want to be in a high vibration all of the time, I will be happy and sad, I will be grateful and mad. I have to honor these feelings as they come up and I find that when I do, I get thru the feelings I don’t want quicker and go right back to being happy and grateful. Andrew has his moments of feeling down or overwhelmed but we let him feel it and we talk about it. Then we put on some up lifting music or the movie The Secret or end up laughing. That’s where Nana Springsteen comes in handy!! :lol :lol Add my neice and my sister OMG!! We need to charge admission!! Wish I had my little rolling heads of laughter. I have to type on the Angel Therapy board first then copy and paste it here to get them. I didn’t think they wanted to read my babblings. SO I saved it for you guys:-)…whoever you may be. Don’t you feel special!  

Well, that’s about all the news for now. Thank you for your constant love and support!!



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