Gnome Is Where The PureHeart Is

Martin and I have been booking Faerie 101 workshops on both the East and the West Coast of Florida. We were quite surprised how venues we’re jumping on this workshop as soon as we mentioned it. We were nicely surprised by the interest in it. We teach people about the Elemental Kingdom, the different types, signs from them and how to work and manifest with the ones in your yard. Then we take them out and show them the signs where we are at.

We use to go to the Sarasota Renaissance Festival when it was in town. We’ve been to the Tampa one at least once, the one Martin and I worked a few months after Andrew past. Definitely too soon to be out as a Fairy Godmother with gargantuan fairy wings trying to mingle with people. I lasted one weekend of it, which is more than Andrew’s friend Corey lasted, bless his heart. He lasted one day, don’t blame him, it was a rough job.

The last Sarasota Renaissance we went to with Andrew was in 2006.While at that Ren Fair I wanted to buy a gnome for our yard. Our friend Karen, told me that you’ll know which one belongs to you. She has 2 decent size ones in her yard. She said that both the Mr. and Mrs Gnome let her know they were to go home with her. People might think this is crazy, but everything has energy. You might remember Andrew saying in the hospital that nothing is as solid as we think it is. Well, it’s true.

When I first went to my Karen’s house, I was going to ask her if she had a leprechaun in her yard because I saw a short, dark shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye, scurry across the yard one night when we were sitting out on the back patio. Before I could ask her, she asked us if we had met her gnomes yet. I was shocked to say the least! I said, “Oh, I thought it was a leprechaun!” She told me no, she has gnomes, among other Elementals as well. Then she pointed out the Mr and Mrs Gnome statues in her yard. These statues bring the energy of the gnomes into the yard. Mr Gnome likes to tinker with the ground lights and other mechanical things. Mrs Gnome has plants that she hides behind, she’s shy.

My friend of course has faeries in her yard too. Our cousin Chrissy from Ireland heard them whispering in the plants around the fire pit where she was tanning the one year we were all there together. Karen informed me that when she was looking for statues for the yard, she knew these gnome statues wanted to go home with her because they had turned to face the direction she had moved to. I know, sounds crazy, but she swears that, that is how you find your elemental statues for your yard. They pick YOU!

I decided to test it out at the Ren Fair we went to with Andrew. Lo and behold there was a booth there with a whole lot of gnomes in all different sizes. So I see a table full of smaller gnomes, about 2ft, that all look alike in my price range. They are all looking straight ahead, I turn my head for a moment, looking at the other statues to my right, when I look back at the table of gnomes, one was turned in my direction looking straight at me! I shi…kid you not! I looked at him and I said, “I guess you’re mine!” He’s been in my front yard ever since guarding our home and lending his kind energy.

Over the past 6 years he has really faded. His red hat went to white, his face and hands went white, his dark green shirt was just a green hue, as were his blue pants, just a blue hue now. I finally decided to paint him today. The bazaar thing is, that when I picked him up I worried I would have a ton of bugs to deal with since he was embedded in the dirt really well. Bugs like to hide under statues like this. But I didn’t find not 1 bug! Very odd for Summer time in Florida.

With all these faerie workshops we have coming up, I thought it was time for me to connect again closer to my Elemental friends. As I painted him, I heard him giggle as I did the back of his neck. I apologized for letting him go for so long. He was just happy to be getting a make over. He told me his name is Harry.

I got the feeling from Harry that all the Elementals in our yard understand what we have been through these past 5 years, they miss Andrew physically being here too, him running around the yard, and have been keeping the energy up in the yard for us. I appreciate their understanding and kindness.

I added a few things to Harry that he didn’t have before. He likes it, even my purple streak that I gave him! Pictures below. So take care of the Fae in your yard. Just acknowledge them. Say HI! Thank them for being there. Leave them some sweets. Tell them Connie sent ya!


Harry’s Makeover

Harry’s back

Harry’s new home

Harry’s Closeup

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  1. Karen T says:

    I so freakin’ enjoyed this read! Our friends have given us such a beautiful, productive front and back garden. I will now remember to say thank you!
    Thanks Connie.

  2. admin says:

    The kids can have a real good time connecting with them. Send then out with some cookie crumble or even chocolate to give them & I bet they will start to notice the Fae in your yard. If they really like you, they will leave sticks & stones (while you wear them mind you!) in your shoes & untie you laces. Also they LOVE marbles! Leave some marbles in the bushes.

  3. Karen T says:


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