We arrived at Crystal Vision in Hollywood early on Saturday to set up and get settled before our show since I had to improvise, because I left my trunk w/my props and notes at home! Arrrrrg! We need help! We can’t be left alone to our own devices! We suck at it! :-D We forget important shit!

I always browse around the stores where we perform to check out the cool stuff they carry. Metaphysical stores always carry the cool shi…stuff. This place was no different. On Wednesday when we showed up, I bought some of my fav Saybaba nag champa incense. They had a great sale going on with them.

On Saturday after we set up, I was browsing the jewelry behind us, as a woman tends to do, where we would be performing. A ring had caught my eye in the jewelry behind us. It was sitting between a few rings, but this one stood out, I was drawn to it. It looked antique although it was not. I picked it up and noticed it had an emerald in it as well as it being a poison ring. When I saw that it had an emerald in it, I immediately thought of Andrew. Not only was emerald his birth stone, but it’s also his crystal on the Other Side.

I put the ring back to get ready for our show and waiting to see how our show went before I decided if I was going to buy it or not. While I like to shop, I am waaaay careful about spending money un-necessarily with still trying to get back on our feet after everything we have been through. I ended up forgetting about the ring because we were busy after the show answering questions and talking with people. By the time we were done, and were ready to leave, I remember the ring out of the blue, dunno why, I thought that was weird that I suddenly remembered it. But everything had been shut down so I told Roberta, who works there, that I was going to put my energy on the ring so I could buy it the next time I was there. Roberta then says, “Take it.” I looked at her like she was crazy. Then she reassured me, “Go ahead, take it, it’s a gift.”

That it was. I was so surprised. I know it was from Andrew. Myrna, the owner of Crystal Vision, and Roberta, have been so supportive of us, and they adore Andrew, he worked through them to give me a very cool gift, a “poison” ring w/his birth stone. I love getting gifts, especially from Andrew. I will wear it at every show.


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32 Responses to GIFT FROM ANDREW

  1. Karen T. says:

    That’s awesome Connie!! I want to see it next time we connect.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hmm… I don’t think you can fit peppermint tea in a poison ring… but hey.. why not? LOL..

  3. Swati says:

    Wow!! That was soooooooo amazing!!! And most definitely a gift from Andrew! This evening for some reason I had been thinking of him and you, the whole thing from the time he fell ill, Karen’s email to us all that night telling us what we couldn’t believe, didn’t want to believe…how you have been going through it all, Andrew helping me make the pendant, Andrew helping me through my own shock even though I never knew him, how you go through this day by day….and all of that. So just before sleeping I came in here to see if you had written something else, and here is this awesome mind blowing story waiting to be read by us all…gives amazing feelings of hope to just read this. Thanks for sharing your journey with us so honestly and openly…((((hugs))))

  4. Leah Clark says:

    He’s such a good boy to give his Pretty Mama presents!!! I love it when things like that happen! :)

  5. Dana says:

    WAY COOL Connie! Don’t you just love a ‘group’ manifestation like that? YOU desired it and others made it happen for you!

  6. admin says:

    I love it when a plan comes together. ;-)

    With Friday being the 19month marker and graduation coming up, it has been on my mind as well Swati. While I know I have the best of the worst situation, it is still very, VERY hard. Not having any kids at home suddenly or grandchildren, Wesley pulling away now, nothing really going on now with the concerts again, financial crap, no family around, the grief gets to take over again. It’s just too much for me to handle. Once again I have nothing to keep me busy or productive. I’m scattered and unable to focus. I find myself so very tired and drained and depressed. I really wish I could just fade away. We have tried as hard as we can to get ourselves out there but I just don’t have the energy to keep at it. SO here I sit once again wondering why the hell I have to stay. Our manager has been sick for weeks, which is the usual thing that happens with us. Monday we’ll see if we are going anywhere with her. It’s times like these that I have absolutely no faith in anything happening for us. We can’t do it alone and there appears to be no one out there that can help us. SO much for having an Avatar on the Other Side! He did more for me while he was here!
    While the last 2 posts are pretty awesome, it’s not enough to keep me going when everything else is falling apart. Not when I have to worry about how to keep my house, putting off going to the dentist because I have no way of paying, things around the house needing to be fixed etc etc. I thought things we on the up swing in Feb but that was my mistake believing things were getting better. I finally thought I was gettig a break. 1 month break in a 2 1/2 years of trauma is NOT enough of a break! If everything is in the etherics, why can’t I just be there?? Because here seems like a HUGE waste of time for me at the mo. If I can’t do what I want, why be here????? I have had enough!

  7. Karen T. says:

    I wish I knew what to say or do to help. Sending you hugs anyway. I so wish for a sustained break for you guys. What the hell?!

  8. Swati says:

    Oh Connie. I feel so darned utterly useless. Why can’t I fix this? I know I can’t fix most of the things in this world. But still makes me feel useless when I see someone’s heart breaking into pieces and I can’t do one damn thing about it. I feel the same tonight as I felt when that night I read that email. Sat here shocked and then fought and yelled at whoever up there was willing to listen. I think that was the only time I have asked for the impossible…that’s the only time I was totally unreasonable. And all I could think was…how must Connie be feeling. I guess because I’m a mom, I could only think of you and what you must be going through.

    Sorry I am not helping here, am I? I should just shut up if I can’t help you feel better. ((((((((hugs)))))))))

  9. admin says:

    ((((Swati))) I always appreciate you posting here. I appreciate you listening. I know there is nothing anyone can say or do and I know that feeling sux as well. I have been in your position as well and it’s not fun either…although I’d prefer that position instead of mine mind you.

    ((((Karen))))) I wonder if I’ll ever get a break from this. Martin was telling me last night not to lose the dream, I told him I think I already have. I dont have the energy anymore to hold it. I’m just soooooo over it! Like losing Andrew physically wasn’t enough! Like dealing with that alone isn’t enough! Getting hit from all sides ALL of the time is too much for anyone to handle. I mean, Martin & I have ALWAYS showed up! ALWAYS proved to the universe that we are ready to do what we came here to do. We didn’t turn to drugs, alcohol, or other excessive, destructive behaviors normal with this kind of loss. NO, we step up to the plate and for what???? To just keep getting beat down??? To expect us to be able to keep the energy up w/o being fed any new energy and just keep hitting a wall, well that’s just plain bullshit! And I’m over it! I can’t, I won’t, do it anymore. I’m tired of feeling like a goddamn punching bag! Enough already!

    Ask American Idol singer, Jennifer Hudson how she is getting thru her tragedy of her family being murdered. It’s not because she gets to sit around the house and see that they are not there. She is only getting thru this because she has her work to throw herself into. Ask John Travolta & Kelly Preston how they are getting thru. They have a huge network of family and friends that can surround them. Plus they have work and finances to do whatever they need to. DO you think they could handle all the bullshit we have had to handle alone, along with losing their son??? I’m sure they have family close by, we do not. Ours are on another continent.

    How am I suppose to have a dream when ALL of them we shattered on Oct 22, 2007? EVERY single fucking one of them was shattered! All my visualization didn’t mean jack shit! NONE if it! Now we’re suppose to put the million shattered pieces of a dream back together alone?? FUCK THAT!

    I know what Martin, Andrew and I have here is so powerful, so profound, but not enough people care to hear it or see it. They’d rather watch fucked up people on tv than be inspired! Most people are too busy enjoying the view from inside of their colon and I don’t have the fucking energy to try and pull their heads out!

    I’ve told Martin that it feels like my legs are broke and I’m expected to run a marathon! And do it in record time at that! FUCK THAT! Unless we get help, this fucking race it OVER! I’m done! If I can’t throw myself into our work, why fucking bother? I give up! I’m raising the white flag, I surrender! Once again I have been brought to my knees like on the morning of Andrew’s crossing. I literally got on my knees in my clown house room and w/tears running down my face, I begged for my son’s life, I begged to please let me keep him. It went unheard, like it is now. Yea, I’m tired of begging too. I’m just plain fucking tired!

  10. Karen T. says:

    I’m in tears for you. Sending you so much love.

  11. Swati says:

    Karen I’m with you. Only tears. :-(

    It hurts so bad to feel you hurting Connie. Why is life like this? Why does there have to be a “death”? No matter how “unreal” and all that it is, it still does “take away” from us BIG time. After we nourish that life for 9 months inside of us, and take care of that life BEFORE we even think about our own lives, why does any power “up there” or “down there” or wherever, have any rights to take that life away from us? This is not right. Not done. I want three things to happen asap. 1)I want you to be able to see/hear/touch Andrew…I don’t care which “non-physical” he lives in now….you have the RIGHT to all these things!!! 2)I want this financial problem to leave you now, once and for all!!!! 3)I would like all obstacles in the way of your life of dreams to be removed right now!! And I don’t understand why I can’t get one stupid idea to help you with all of this.

  12. Leah Clark says:

    Connie… I don’t know why I didn’t read these comments before. Caught up in my own crap, I guess. So what else is new! LOL I can’t tell you I relate, I can’t tell you it’ll get better, I can’t really say anything to make a difference. What I can say is that I love you and Martin both, that I am so pulling for you guys in every way, and that all I can do is continue to love and support you when you’re feeling down or feeling up. Please know that even if I’m not posting here, I’m checking regularly and looking forward to knowing what’s going on with you no matter what. You know, it has been my experience always that when I surrender totally, that’s when the magic happens. So it is my hope and my prayer for you that your surrender at this time is what brings the magic in. Because what you and Martin have together, your show, your absolute determination to follow Andrew’s philosophy, your boundless love for him and who he was and is, is such an inspiration to me and to so many others who don’t post or let you know they’re there (you know who you are… c’mon down and make yourselves known! We only bite the first time, and it’s actually fun…) who are benefiting from what you’re sharing and your very realness… people you have touched that you will never know how much of a difference you’ve made in their lives… your willingness to share yourselves with the world… what a gift. And that doesn’t change, ever. I will never again be the same person I was before meeting you and your family. I am lifting you up in my prayers daily, and will always do so. You are so very much loved, and appreciated… (((HUGS)))

  13. Swati says:

    Just dropped by to check on you Connie. Sending you love. I hope you know you are in my prayers…always. Just want those prayers to work now.

    Leah, when are you coming back?

  14. Leah Clark says:

    I’m back – finishing up a song today, gig this afternoon… whew! But it’s all good. :)

  15. admin says:

    First I can’t thank Karen, Swati and Leah enough for still coming here, no matter what I’m feeling. It means the world to me. Grief ain’t pretty, no matter who you are, no matter how enlightened you are. While I know Martin and I have done better than most, there is no escape from grief for a mother losing a child. I can’t pretend that I am above the deepest, darkest place that grief takes a mother. I appreciate you guys, Karen, Leah and Swati who still have the guts to post here and lend your love and support, even when words may elude you, love does not! All 3 of you are mothers and can’t even imagine how devastating this must be, but still have the courage to go thru this horrendous journey w/me. My family (not Martin’s) didn’t even have the guts to do it. I never will never forget that!

    I keep hoping that the last darkest moment of grief is my last, but now I realize that as long as I am a breathing mother who lost her child, there will NEVER be a last moment of deep, dark grief…not until I take my last breath here. My great grandmother, from Ireland, lost her beloved son when he was 7yo from pneumonia. She grieved that lost until the day she transitioned in her 70’s. I was 7yo when she crossed. I loved her so and have so much respect for her now knowing the grief she carried with her all those years missing her son. Now I know why she loved me, her great grand-daughter, from the top of me head to the tip of my toes. I will never forget her telling me that all through my childhood till I was 7. It means more to me now, how much she loved me, knowing the grief she carried most of her life since losing her son.

    As much as I’d like to believe I am above all this grief, I am not. I know for the rest of my life, I will feel the bowels of hell of grief over losing a child. A son, who was so much bigger than a son for Martin and I. He was our right arm, we worked as 1 unit, and now we have to adjust to our new relationship w/him. Me as a mother, it is difficult, I loved what we had with Andrew here so much! I find it hard to let go of what we had herewith him. I look forward to being with Andrew again, to be free of grief. This life time has been filled with waaaay too much grief for me, starting from the time I was 8yo being told my family didn’t love me anymore, to growing up w/an abusive step father. The fun never ended!
    Not only am I a grieving mother, I am a menopausal mother with a shit ass economy that the last regime left behind to deal with as well. And yes it gets waaaaaay too overwhelming to deal with all of this at the same time for me. Hence the periodic melt downs when I can’t handle it anymore. I know everyone is suffering from the last regime, but add the grief of losing a child and menopause on top of it, well, that’s just a recipe for periodic major melt downs. There’s no escape! Yet, Karen, Swati and Leah still come here to help me thru! Even tho they have their own stuff they are dealing with. Sooooooo thank you so very much from the bottom of my shattered heart for having the guts to come here and lending your love and support when its the hardest thing for you to do.

    Am I ok yet? No, not really, but I’m getting thru. Maybe if all I had to deal with was the grief I might be ok, but it is not, so I am not. After all I am only human, not super human.
    In Grace and Gratitude,
    Andrew’s Pretty Mama

  16. Swati says:

    Dearest Connie,

    Thank God you wrote here. Even if you are not feeling good, and especially when you are not feeling good, please make it a point to come write. Write anything, but write. I feel it will help you to talk about it. And it helps me too. Because just hearing from you makes me worry less for you. When I know you are at your lowest, and you keep quiet, it makes it very difficult. What is your phone number? If you don’t want to write it down here in a public place, email me on FB. I would like to know I can get to you even when you are not writing here. Sending you many many hugs and much love…Andrew’s Pretty Mama.

    Leah, will you be on on FB later tonight?


  17. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I agree with Swati. We would much rather hear you talking when you’re at a low point than hibernating. So please, do come here and write.

    Swati – I have a gig tonight – we can probably shedjool a chat for tomorrow night, tho.

  18. Leah Clark says:

    We don’t care if you’re whiny…
    Please show that whiny hiney on the blog…
    We’re so lonely…
    We need your whiny hiney on the blog…
    If you
    Come and see us
    Sincerely promise
    To shower you with attention
    Do we really have to mention
    We need your winey hiney
    On the BLOOOOOOOOG!!!!!!

  19. admin says:

    Dammit Leah! You know I’m a sucker for the whiny hiney song no matter how crappy I feel! I just can’t resist it! It must be the mojo you also add to it! :-D

    I was hit hard this time. I’ve had mini melt downs along the way. I’m guessing for the rest of my life I will have times like these…well, if I keep getting hit with everything else at once like I have been, I will. I can only go so long keeping my energy high and positive without being fed anything positive. One let down after another does not help! I guess graduation time hit me harder than I thought it would along with all the other crap I’ve had to deal with. I told Martin that I know Andrew wasn’t going to have a graduation ceremony per say, but I would’ve had him at least. BUT I don’t have either! I’m just glad we home schooled him because to go to Corey’s HS graduation and not have Andrew there really would’ve killed me if he had’ve gone to Sarasota High.

    Martin & I worked so hard in the beginning of the year to get this ball rolling for these concerts thinking it would get the ball rolling but we are back to square one, looking for new venues and starting all over again. It’s disheartening. The venues we did play at LOVED our concerts but because they can’t get the numbers, they don’t want to have us back until they can. We desperately need a promoter! Someone who really knows how to market us. BUT we’d have an easier time finding a freakin unicorn!

    In these dark moments, I feel like, ok, we touched some lives, can we move on already?? No?? Then making it f-ing easier! These concerts help me deal with the grief too. I feel like Andrew’s voice is still being heard, more people get to know Andrew and fall in love w/him and that does my mama’s heart good. Sitting at home does not! Sitting at home doing nothing makes me want to go home to be w/Andrew! Why just sit here feeling like shit?? I know I deserve better than this! I can’t keep getting beat up and be expected to be happy. I can only do it for so long than the melt down happens. My body is now starting to show signs of the stress. Apparently now I have psoriasis on my scalp. “Not comfortable in my own skin?” YA THINK?? I wish I could crawl out of it! I know I’m not comfortable in my skin. Losing a child makes you feel that way. SO now I’m sitting here decaying! Yes, you can laugh at that one, I even think it’s funny!

    Because I am so drained I don’t even have the energy to work on being w/Andrew. I’m too tired to meditate, work on astral traveling, or do anything etheric. I’m just working on getting my energy up now. Yea, I’m a mess at the mo, remember, I’m even decaying now too! Before long I’ll like the dude on Tales From The Dark Side. I think that is the name of the show.

    So you can affirm with me that we have a promoter who knows how to get us out there in a big and consistent way. OR affirm that we found a venue that is connected to many other venues and they help us put together a tour doing the circuit. We are contacting the head quarters for the Church Of Religious Science/Science Of Mind, hoping they will help us get into their circuit. We’ve done several SOM churches so hopefully that will help.

  20. Swati says:

    What happened to your marketing manager? I know she/he wasn’t well, but by now she/he must be well? How does one go about getting a promoter? Do you have a fab website that is only for the shows you do? Not a MySpace, Facebbok page, but a separate website that is dedicated only and solely for the show? Let me know. As I and some others work together with our eBootcamp book in marketing our work/services, and go through it chapter by chapter, step by step, maybe you could join us too if you feel up to it? It all sounds like fun, and not really “work”. Doesn’t feel like “competition”. Just feels like fun, so if you feel like doing it, you could get the book too, or I could tell you what we are doing and you could do it with us? Would you like to? I don’t want to push you for anything right now…so please only do what your heart tells you to. ((((hugs))))

  21. admin says:

    We have a web page dedicated just for the shows.

    Martin and I have been able to book shows, it’s that a lot of the venues are not able to fill seats that has been the issue. Carla has been sending out a ton of press releases and working w/a few venues but so far nothing def. She is going out of town for the weekend now to perform a wedding. Im not sure whee we stand on anything yet.

    We need some serious media attention but the media isn’t interested in inspiring, life changing, healing concerts. They want dramatic, heart wrenching BS. Now that Andrew has transitioned, interest in us has faded away. Only a few i.e. you, Karen and Leah still offer your support. To me, we are even MORE interesting w/Andrew on the Other Side. How cool is it that we have an “in” on the Other Side! It just grinds my ass that people will pay over $50 to see John Edward(who I love) w/1,000’s of other people just because he’s on TV, when we offer the same thing and MORE for $15 and have a hard time getting 20 to show up! Arrrrg!

    Here’s what John, from a venue we were at last month, had to say about what we are doin, it’s pretty powerful!

    “There are certain times in our lives when the power of universal healing is present. We instinctually know when those times are because of the profound emotions that we experience. Connie and Martin Jordan have an ability to produce universal healing and understanding and they do it through the love of their son and the music that he gives to them. The story they share of their son’s life and crossing over is a powerful one with important life lessons woven in. Some aspects of their concert will make you laugh and others could very well allow you to cry, but within all of it there is a reassuring healing that touches the hearts of all that are present. I strongly encourage everyone to be willing to take part in this outstanding performance. There are some things in our physical life that we simply can’t afford, at any cost, to miss out on. This is one of them. I can guarantee you will leave not only looking at life from a different perspective, but truly feeling different from the inside out.” ~ John Culbertson OWNER Star Child Book Store

    To quote Martin “We are the shit!” Yet people don’t give a shit because we are not on TV! John from Star Child can see what we have, we just need thousands more like him. Myrna at Crystal Vision could feel what we had to offer as well. It is amazing to see how many venues tout how spiritual they are, then blow us off. If you can’t feel Andrew and how powerful this concert is, well then they are just enjoying the view from inside their colon and that is where their spirituality is too! (YUP! up thier ass!!!)

    Give me the info on what you are doing and let’s see if I can follow through! :-) It all looks good on paper…until I try and do something. I don’t know until I try.

  22. Swati says:

    I had never seen this page. I read that sample story you wrote there, and remembered you sharing it with us. It still brings tears to my eyes reading this story.

    I can’t understand why people are not buying tickets. $15 is really nothing compared to how so many spend on silly things here and there all the time. Connie, maybe people don’t understand from reading how amazing the show will be? Do you have a video recording of one of these shows? Do you think you can put one of these shows or a 15 minute part of the show online for people to see? Again, not just on MySpace or Facebook, but on this page too, and everywhere you can. Maybe seeing a sample is what people need to see to understand what this show is about? Give it a try and see?

    Most of us have lost someone or the other to death…and your show can help every such person deal with their sorrows. Even if its just to know that the person “lost” is not really dead. You guys do mediumship too at the shows, right? And right now is the time people can have the most from the shows when the audience is still small…they have more chances of getting a message from their DLO’s than at the time when you will have 1000’s sitting there (and I will always keep the vision of 1000’s coming to your show).


  23. admin says:

    And look at that, you have the 22 post! I am still seeing 2’s ALL of the time, it’s crazy! Well instead of yelling at me that ideas are starting to sprout, maybe I can finally SEE it happening! Andrew! C’mon! Help a Pretty Mama out!

    And that is just one of the many powerful stories that I share at this amazing concert Swati. But it appears, like you said, people will spend money on BS (ok my word) before they do on something that could shift their energy for the better.

    Martin is actually working on getting up a portion of the show on that page Swati. We don’t have a video of it because we keep burning out vid recorders. We want to get it professionally taped but we don’t have the money yet to do it. Not enough shows sold out to do it.

  24. Karen T. says:

    I sooo wish I knew someone with connections for you guys. Or had the cash to give for you to do needed things for your show. Ugh!! I am sooo frustrated from where I sit for you….can’t imagine the emotions you carry with you on a daily basis right now!! And the Mama Gene on top of it all…OMG! I pray and send positive energies and hugs on almost a daily basis for especially you, Connie. My Mama Gene’s heart aches for yours when I do so too. Much love to you.

  25. Leah Clark says:

    Hey Karen and Swati – maybe if the three of us make a concentrated effort to bug Andrew about this for his Pretty Mama? LOL I agree with Swati about posting some vid of the show everywhere you can – another thought I just had – what about one of the news networks that features a “What’s Right with Tampa Bay” segment? Also, I’m thinking about places that really could use some help with people dealing with grief over losing a loved one. I’ll have to think some more on this… hope your agent gets back and can help you out some more – she sure was going gangbusters for a while there. (((HUGS)))

  26. admin says:

    Thank you Karen, while I know you can’t fully comprehend what I am going thru, and who would want to? I do know that you understand how hard this has been and I appreciate that. At the mo it would appear that my purpose in life is to be a gauge for people how great their lives really are. For example: “I am so overwhelmed by my life right now…..BUT at least I don’t have Connie’s.” Well, at least I’m serving some kind of purpose, even tho it really sucks! :-( I thought I’d have a better purpose by now.

    I appreciate the 3 of you always being here, I really do, I know how hard it can be yet you come here anyway. ((((((HUGS))))))

    I try to believe that all is in Divine order… but man! It gets really hard sometimes when I’m getting hit from all sides.

    Carla was working really hard on sending out a ton of press releases before she took ill. Unfortunately it hasn’t drummed up anything new yet. She said the grief center in Tampa is interested in us but sez people don’t want to pay for anything. She is still working w/the Shriners but apparently they are not the easiest to deal with. Carla isn’t an agent, they have to be licensed I believe, she is sorta kinda like our unofficial manager. She recently got burned at the center she was helping out, so she is still recovering from that as well. She just wanted to try this out for 3 months and I am grateful she was willing to do that. I’m giving her, her space right now until she is feeling back to normal. SO Martin and I are hitting the few leads people have giving us.

    If you can get “What’s Right With Tampa Bay” interested, well that would be quite a feat. I don’t know if it would mean as much if I contacted them. I contacted the Studio10 tv show in Tampa, back in Oct 2006, I know the host Tim Wilkens, not that it mattered mind you. You have to pay to be on their show I found out.

    Looks like we are going to be blown off by another Unity church in Ft Laud referred to us by a friend that goes there. If so, again, it just shows how closed off people really are to Spirit & afraid of their own shadows! A lot of these churches are just posers! They wouldn’t know the Divine if it hit them up beside their freakin heads! LOL Try thinking outside the box & offer something new and innovative and you scare the shit out of people! But that is all I know how to do!

    I know I have been asking, begging, pleading with Andrew to send me some relief from all this. What’s the point of having an Avatar son on the Other Side if he can’t pull some kind of strings????? I mean, what was the point of his leaving if we don’t have the concerts to do to continue his teachings???? WTF????

    Lemme know if you hear from Andrew Leah or Swati! I’d like an explanation of all this! He has some splaining to do! Martin keeps telling me that Andrew’s saying that we’ll be taking off soon. He showed Martin a jet pack last week. Martin asked what that was for. Andrew said for us, because we were going to need it because we are going to be taking off soon and fast! Yea, well… he needs to put up or shut up IMHO!!! This Wise One is freakin tired and ready to go! Where? Either doing sold out large concerts or back to my castle. Either one suits me fine. Sitting here on idle does not! Unless it was American Idol and since that ain’t gonna happen, things need to switch gears!

    Pretty Mama OUT! :-)

  27. Swati says:

    Leah, I’m all for a concentrated 3 prong bugging treatment for Andrew! LOL!! He just might get sick of you, me and Karen and make things happen faster. I am sure he is helping, but we’d like to see some results soon! LOL!!

    Oh and Connie, do you think you could make a DVD too of your show and sell those? Like you will be doing with the CD’s? I mean…it might be something hospitals would love to buy to give to people to help them with their loss. And it’ll be great for people who cannot come to see your show. And it will be a great gift for people to give their loved ones who have lost their friends/family to death.

  28. Jeremy says:

    Hey Swati.. Like Connie said. Every time We tried to Video tape any of their shows we fried the Video Cameras. Martin and I had the exact same camera and we fried both of them, at two different shows. One of them was the Show that Karen Met Connie & Martin at.

    That should tell you something about how high the freaking energy is at these shows. I just met a cool Marketing type guy at the bookstore yesterday. I told him about the Spirituality website and he said, he’s sold everything imaginable and he’s found that people buy what they want not what they need and anything spiritual is hard to sell, people expect it for free.

    I guess we should have FREE Concerts Connie and then me and a couple other huge guys in Black suits will pass around the “DONATION” Plate.

  29. admin says:

    The reason we quit selling the DiVaD’s Swati is because they wouldn’t play on all dvd players and we don’t have the cash to get them professionally burned or professionally taped. We know someone who could do it. Right now we are only offering the cd’s for download unless I can talk Martin into designing a cover and do everything it takes to make a hard copy of it. He said if we had enough orders he would do it. And we know how well that’s been going…

  30. Swati says:

    Jeremy, you are so right…people do expect spiritual things for free. I had forgotten that. I like your idea…do it for free Connie, and we’ll go around with donation plates! LOL!!!! And anyone who donates less than $15 shall be sent to the basement dungeons! :-P

  31. Leah Clark says:

    LOL – hmmm, sounds like church to me… Hey, I’ve got it!!! We’ll start Pureheart Ministries, a metaphysical magickal church for people who really need to get off their arse and git ‘r dun! The only rolling in the aisles will be the people who get struck down for staying in their shit! And Martin can wear these really cool robes and preside over everything and Connie can hit people over the head with her wand… And I’m hearing Andrew say, “Don’t forget the dry ice!” so it looks more like a concert than a church service. Who’s with me???

  32. admin says:

    Funny you should mention that Leah. Martin is seriously thinking about starting a “church” per say and calling it the PureHeart Center, that way there’s no affiliations w/any religions. We thought about using the word temple, but there’s too much religious connotations w/that one too. Altho it’d be hard to misconstrue PureHeart Magickal Metaphysical Ministries. Really miss having our store now! We would so be doing it immediately, like tomorrow!

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