Soup & Salad, A Naked Toddler, & Stuffed Like A Tick

Quite the combo huh? But that’s my life! ;-)

Elatia and I took Kaliana out to lunch at Olive Garden last week. We won’t be doing that again for awhile! Ahhhhh the joys of having a toddler In your life! And I wouldn’t change it!

I don’t mind if Kaliana wants to sit under the table when we go out to eat, whatever keeps her quiet. It’s the climbing on things, or wanting to crawl around on the floor like a frog saying “ribet ribet,” that is not cool, funny, but not cool. I was hoping she wasn’t going to get me barred from my old job!

This last time while under the table she did something else, she hands me her outfit! That’s right, she took off her clothes and shoes. Looks like we’re gonna have to teach her that it’s on TOP of the table where the cash is made! =D

Thank goodness she kept her diaper on, or we’d have to worry where this chick’s gonna end up! LOL I’m actually surprised she did keep it on. That is not her usual M.O. At home we always hear that familiar rrrrrip! Rrrrrip! Then we have  a naked toddler running around, and sometimes with pink cowgirl boots on. Again, while very cute, wildly inappropriate for Olive Garden! So it could have been much worse! But still, we are going to wait before we take her out to eat again.

I called Elatia hours later to tell her how stuffed I still was from lunch. I couldn’t believe how full I still was hours later. As I am telling her this, I go into Andrew’s room to turn on his light, like I always do, when I hear in my head, “stuffed like a tick.” I thought, why would I think that? That’s an odd thing to think. Then I get that familiar energy that is Andrew, and I realized it was him saying it to me! I then remembered he use to say that when he ate a lot. I totally forgot that he would say that. It was a nice surprise visit from my Muck while on the phone with Elatia.

It made me laugh remembering how he use to say that. I heard exactly how he use to say it, and saw his silly big grin that went along with it. It felt good to be reminded of that memory again and to feel him so close. I know he is always with me anyway, but you tend to forget that without having the physical presence to remind you, or moments like these. So it was nice to have what felt like a normal moment, like when he was still physically here, laughing with him and Elatia again. There’s nothing like laughing with your kids. I have missed that because we did it A LOT! Thank you Muck for reminding me of this, because I WAS stuffed like a tick! Thank you for the laugh with you and your sister again. Just like old times, in the new way.

You’re a good….I mean GREAT son still! I love you!


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