Martin, Andrew and I are busy making plans for the forums and teleclasses for the upcoming year. We want to get this website a hopping! We will be doing a conference call tentatively on Jan 2, 2009 at 9p.m.-10p.m. EST with PureHeart. I will be running the teleclass so Martin can bring through Andrew. I believe he is going to allow Andrew to come into his body (like he has a choice! ;-) ) and Andrew will be telling us what we can do for ourselves to make this the best year EVER! It will be a PureHeart teaching straight from the Avatar’s mouth himself…sorta kinda.

So if you have any questions about the up coming year, world events, or want the inside track of what you can do to make this your personal best year, go onto the forum under PureHeart speaks and get the info for the conference call. The info will be up soon! :-)


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  1. Dana says:

    I am so ‘There’! Count me in!

  2. admin says:

    Then make sure you sign up! Martin should have the info up later on today. I just came up with this, this a.m.

    Ahem, where is Swati? She didn’t even post on my post from last night! Must be sleeping in. lol

  3. Leah Clark says:

    I think she froze thinking about Dana’s post about all the snow! I know my brain froze!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  4. Dana says:

    The ‘Pureheart Speaks’ forum is a locked forum for the admins only *confuzzled*

    And Leah…we have finally dug out of the snow! But of course, we are still under a Winter Storm Warning. Of course, all they are predicting is another 3″…. that’s nothing compared to the 12″ that got dumped on us yesterday!


  5. admin says:

    Martin hasn’t gotten the post up yet. The PureHeart speaks is just for messages from Andrew. I guess it’s not up for discussion eh? lol

    Stay warm, I’m trying to stay cool! Looks like a warm xmas for us, around 80F. :-(

  6. Swati says:

    I’m here!! Was out shopping….grocery! LOL!!! Last night I was off your case because I re-reading “The Journey Home”. Just LOVE that book. And I thought of you so many times Connie while I read it.

    Its quite cold here. The hills in front get some snow sometimes :-).

  7. admin says:

    Oooooo sounds beautiful Swati I loves my cool weather. ;-)

    I read the Journey Home back in 2000-01 and loved it. BUT as with any teachings, ya gotta consider ALL the laws of the universe. Just like we don’t attract everything to us, we don’t sign up for everything either like the Journey Home implies. Yet, Andrew’s journey was a soul contract, we DID sign up for that. BUT I did NOT sign up for my step father’s abuse like the book implies. When someone as evolved as Andrew is diagnosed w/ a rare form of leukemia, you know it is a soul contract. I know Pam doesn’t believe in soul contracts…but sure, she enjoys the view from inside her colon. :-D Yea, still working through that BS that was dumped on me by her. :-D It’s a process.

  8. Swati says:

    True, I too don’t think its totally contracts or totally attracting things. Like you, I too think it might a mix of the two. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think. I had read this book long back too. But loved reading it again. Some parts still speak to me strongly. And it helps to restore in my mind that everyone is just play acting here.

    The reason I was thinking of you was, Michael Thomas was hurting about losing his parents, and then he meets them…astrally. And how they tell him that they are very much alive. And then…how he loses all his grief. I was thinking of you, hoping you will meet Andrew one day too….astrally, and his “being” will become more substantial for you. You already do know he is alive, more alive than us. But to feel and experience this truth more “substantially”, like Michael Thomas in the story does…that will be so nice. That’s what made me think of you.

  9. Dana says:

    I haven’t read ‘The Journey Home’ in a long time! I used to have all of the Kryon books, but I donated them to the local Unity Church last March.

    80*F Connie?!?! We are having ANOTHER FREAKING BLIZZARD HERE! When will it end! I’m getting too old for this crap! :-P

    Yeah, I’m thinking there are lots of ‘laws’ going on that we are yet unaware of. But the coolio thing is, we are on the right track of figuring this stuff out!

    I remember back in 2000 when I was first becoming aware that there was more to spirituality than all of the churchy stuff – I was afraid that since I had finally shed the shackles of organized religion, what if I was ‘doomed’ to be sucked back in again in a future lifetime?!?!? I’m I know now that once you ‘get’ something, you’ve got it for good! *phew!* So just look at all of the progress we’ve all made! And I guess you can’t get too upset with folks for being in a certain place. It’s all they ‘know’ afterall. *shrug*
    Ok…that’s what my Guide tells me all of the time. I however still think that many folks are jackasses!


    *adjusts my halo*

  10. Pretty Mama says:

    I should go back and read the book again, because it does have so much wonderful information in it. It’s the only one I’ve read of Kryon’s, I should read a few others. I forgot about that story w/his parents. The profound story for me when I read it at the time, was about the woman in the hospital room with father (step? maybe) who abused her and she felt love for him I believe. For me, I was just at peace w/my step father, no feeling either way, I forgave him. Now I realize that is perfect for me to feel that way, I don’t have to feel love, I can feel peace and that is fine. At the time I read it, I thought I had to feel all lovey about him, but I don’t.

    Like Andrew has always said, there are more than just 1 Universal Law. And to try to live your life by one is kinda crazy. Then you start going into judgment of others when you do IMHO.

    Getting excited now about learning to astral travel!!

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