OMG! Just had my freak, freaked! Not only that, it freaked Martin’s freak as well, which is not an easy thing to do!

I am in the process of scheduling book signings and an evening of mediumship around SE Florida. The contacts I made in Phoenix, other than Brian, are proving to be very cool as well. Being at a conference with fellow colleagues that are further down the road than we are, can be quite helpful. One, just being a colleague they understand what you do, so you can have great conversations. Two, they know venues that would love to have you. BONUS! Not to mention it’s just plain fun being around like minded people.They also don’t get all weird-ed out when you say your son is an Avatar.

I spent today going through the list Lisa McCourt ( she write kids books and teaches wonderful workshops, so check her out) gave me of metaphysical type venues around Florida. Some of them I was familiar with, while others were new to me. I checked out websites, sent emails, made phone calls. I booked one venue for June 4th and I’m waiting for 2 more to call me back with dates.

Well, one of the venues got back to me late tonight with an email, and what she had to say totally freaked me out! What did she say? Here it is,  “I have heard of avatars. One trait I was told that they have is the ability to roll their tongue way back, or something like that.” Holy Crapiloi! Andrew has ALWAYS been able to do that with his tongue and MORE! He could flip it upside down too! I was in shock when I read this. So I forwarded the email to Martin, then went into his office to see his face when he read it. Yup! Got the response I was looking for. It freaked him out too! How bazaar of a trait is that to say Avatars have.

I have never doubted Andrew being an Avatar, he told me himself that he knew he was one, that’s all I needed. If he hadn’t of said that, I don’t think I would use the term for him, because while I believe he is an Avatar, I would need more than that to say it publicly. Even with Jeremy saying to Martin when Andrew was quite young, “You know Andrew is an Avatar, right?” Martin said that he did know, but that still wasn’t enough for me to publicly say Andrew is an Avatar.

While we don’t need the validation, it’s really fun when we do get it, no matter how bazaar the validation might be.


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