Wesley was here this weekend and he was watching 10 Years Younger with me. Awww he humors me like Andrew did. So at the end of the one woman’s make over I ask Wesley “So could I get away with saying I was 35?” He said “Yes” I push a bit further, “How about 32?” He sez “Oh yea, for sure.” Then I proceed to tell him the story of when Andrew was younger, I had him believing I was 28 on every birthday. I explained to Andrew that, just like there’s dog years, there was ‘women years’ too. He didn’t question me, he just accepted it. He’s such a good boy who loves his Pretty Mama and humored her!

When Andrew was 8 he had this friend Michael who pointed out how could I be 28 and his sister 18. I kept saying, “be quiet Michael” as he was trying to question Andrew. I didn’t want Andrew to figure me out. :-D I had to keep saying it until I had to finally say “If you want to continue being his friend Michael, DROP IT!” Math wasn’t one of Andrew’s strong suits.

All weekend Wesley would correct me if I said I was 46. He would say almost the same exact thing Andrew use to say to me, “That’s not your age, you are 28, remember?” I just know Wesley hears Andrew, he just doesn’t realize it yet. I knew Andrew was sitting on the arm of my chair with his arm around me saying “That’s right Pretty Mama! You’re 28 and never forget it!” Then he kissed me on the top of my head as he always did.

Well, now I find out the other night when I was telling Martin about what happened with Wesley, Andrew says “I wasn’t really that bad at math Daddy. ;-) ”

We had another good night on Friday with Andrew. The energy attunement he did that night kept Martin and I up most of the night talking with Andrew. These attunements are pretty cool. Sometimes it’s just energy to clean out debris and other times it’s an attunement. I have 2 more coming up this week. I know part of the attunement is to get us ready for when we get to ascend. The other reason, is for the work we have coming up with Andrew.

At this attunement there were 2 older gentleman there as well, I was on my crystal bed and there was a dome over me that was being used. Don’t ask me what it all means because I can’t explain it. I find that while this is going on, I understand so much but could never explain it. It’s just a knowing.

We have to face it, while we are in our human bodies, with our human minds, we will NEVER fully understand all that there is. Especially about the Other Side, our REAL home. We get hints of it throughout our lives but most people just brush it off as coincidence or fantasy or better yet, drum roll please!… it’s the devils work! *da da dunnnn!* They miss so much by doing that. They miss the TRUTH!

Andrew is probably the only person I know who had a very good understanding of this life here and also about the Other Side. I remember when he was little how frustrated he was that he couldn’t levitate or make objects come to him. He told me he knew that he could do it. I told him to keep practicing because while it’s harder to do it here due to the density of this planet, it’s not impossible, and if anyone can master it, he can. SO needless to say, as much as he loved it here, he is so digging being able to do all the things he knew he could.


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5 Responses to FOREVER YOUNG

  1. Leah Clark says:

    LOL Connie – my mother was 39 for YEARS. One day, when Sarah was about 5, she asked me how old my mother was. When I said, “39,” her eyes got big, and she said, “Wow!!! She’s younger than my DAD!” Out of the mouths of babes! How awesome that Wesley can help Andrew support his Pretty Mama!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Did’ya ever take one of those online ‘What’s Your Real Age?’ quiz’s? I did and I got ’16’ :D

    *goes off to hum the Toys R Us theme*


    Pfffttt….it’s just a number anyways!

    Love the story Connie! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Karen T. says:

    I just have to add that when you told me your age at the 30 plus Mom’s group dinner, I about fell out of my chair!! I thought we were about the same age!! LOL You rock the looks Baby!!

  4. Denise says:

    Thats true “you Rock the Looks” and it is just a number love ya

  5. Joanie Light says:

    Our son turned 40 this month. I told him, “Wow, now you’re older than I am.” LOL

    You totally rock 28 Connie!

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