I started at the Olive Garden last week with training. I wasn’t going to look for a job when I gave my notice at my old job. But then Chris, who I worked with, had started at Olive Garden and strongly recommended that I apply. I did apply, not thinking I would get the job. I was interested in the job because of the intense training they give you, ( I need it after being out of the serving biz for over 21yrs) the great benefits and wonderful atmosphere. I figure this was the job that could help me with my focus and memory. Since everything that has happened, starting with Elatia first, then right into Andrew, my focus has been right out the window! But it’s time to start getting my focus and memory working again. It’s time.

Today I was in training, had a break for 2 hours, then had to go back and do a dinner service following a server. Needless to say I am overwhelmed by the training, but the up side is, is that so are the other trainees. I am not alone in that department! Between trying to learn the menu, the computer system, the drink menu, how to serve proper, carrying big trays, etc etc we are all a little freaked about going on the floor and US being followed tomorrow.

As I was on my way back to work tonight to follow a server, I was going over in my head what I thought I would need to know. Driving to work I was wondering if I would do a good enough job, hoping I could do a good enough job, when I “happen” to notice the license plate in front of me. I wasn’t purposely looking at plates or anything when I notice the license plate in front of me, I was too worried about how I was gonna do tonight. For whatever reason ;-) I notice this plate in front of me and it said “UL B OK” OMG! R U KIDDIN ME with this!? I was stunned! I had that feeling you get when you have a metaphysical or paranormal moment. I got light headed as I could feel Andrew so strongly with me! I called Martin to tell him. He asked, “You’re crying aren’t you?” “Yes I am!” I replied. I couldn’t help it, I could feel my son’s energy and it brought me to tears. Happy to feel his energy so strongly, sad that I couldn’t hug him, but mostly happy.

Then I told Martin how cool I thought it was to get such a perfect message like that from my wee son, the only down side was that it was on a Ford Focus. I’ve gotten messages on BMWs & other luxury cars. Martin said, “What have you been working on lately?” OMG again! FOCUS is what I’ve been working on! DUH! How perfect! It just solidified for me that Andrew was talking to me and letting me know that I will be ok with this job. He’s a good son still watching out and being there for his Pretty Mama! ;-)


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