I found out yesterday while I was hanging out at the Ren Fair with Denise, David and Colleen, that the Pepper Tree magazine with my portrait on the cover, is their most popular addition they have ever had!! They said it’s flying off the shelf!! It’s been hard keeping it in stock! Cool Huh?

Ok, Denise & I have taken a lot of them but not that many!!!

Have to say I was feeling a bit famous with that one!! Even tho it is David’s work, it is me!

Friday I unpacked more of Andrew’s things. Like I said before, it was fun. But this time I was by myself and I found 8 of his wands that he made, wrapped together in newspaper. That got to me. So I held them to my heart and the tears flowed. I know the rest of my life will be like this. Moments of missing Andrew terribly, wondering how I will ever be able to carry on. But they are just moments because Andrew & Martin makes sure I do not stay stuck in it.

We also found some of our Wizard’s Window stock. I’m keeping the essential oils and incense in Andrew’s room so it will smell like our store and all metaphysically. Easy for meditation! :-D

As you know, Jeremy found the Celtic Stag pendant Martin wears. Well, this time I found a pentagram w/stag head pendant! So now I’m wearing mine for all eternity! :-D

Wesley got a wee gift from Andrew this weekend. The 2 of them would shoot arrows with Andrew’s very nice bow. Andrew is a pretty good shot too. Even his first time out! Which is why we got him a nice bow.

They would shoot until they lost all the arrows. Those things are expensive! Well, Wes found an arrow embedded deep in the ground, by a palm tree in the shrubs. It was barely showing! Hmmmm me thinks he DOES feel Andrew! He asked if he could pull it out. We said absolutely! It was a gift for him from Andrew.

You know it just breaks my heart to see how much Andrew’s friends miss him. It really does. Wes said that Andrew was the only friend he had that he could tell anything to. Andrew never judged him. He was his very best friend. No 13 yr old should have already lost his mother (at age 3) AND his best friend! Bless his heart! It’s just not fair!

It’s so great when Wes is here because we talk about Andrew past and present. Wes loves hearing what Andrew’s up to now. I like hearing the antics they would get up to! OMG! boyz! As you saw in the forum.

He won’t sleep in his bed tho, he sleeps on the couch. It’s understandable, I’m sure it’s overwhelming for him.

Wes is so respectful of Andrew’s things, he asked if he could light Andrew’s fav jasmine incense. I know it helps him feel closer to Andrew. I love it! All the boys, when they come over, make Ramon noodles! Just like old times!

So as you can see, I was busy this weekend.


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3 Responses to FLYIN OFF THE SHELF

  1. Karen T. says:

    I’m so very happy for you with all of the boys hanging out. This shows how much Andrew was loved and I’m sure that warms you to your core.

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Well, duh – with your beauty as David’s inspiration, how COULD they stay on the shelves????

  3. Swati says:

    Which reminds me…when am I getting my copy of the magazine? And that was so wonderful about the arrows…I hope Wes is able to talk to Andrew too…like Martin & you. Maybe you and Martin could teach him?

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