Well, the opportunity finally arose and I took it. I’m not one for turning down any kind of opportunities, hence the job at Olive Garden. When this opportunity arose again, I knew it was time for me to get back the pieces of me. As I mentioned before when we were in Phoenix in April for the Conscious Children Network conference, Steven Farmer mentioned to me that he would like to do a soul retrieval session for me. He said he felt a part of me left with Andrew, I told him a HUGE part of me left with Andrew, if not the biggest part of me. I was game for it because I knew it was time, it wasn’t serving me anymore to not have all of me here.

Then the whole Ghost Story tv show fiasco happened in June when I was suppose to have it done while we were in California. I was so angry about that trip getting canceled, I figured I didn’t need anymore of me here pissed off, so why bother. Steven offered to do it over the phone, but I wanted it in person or not at all. As time went on, and I calmed down from my major disappointment, I was hit with another disappointment.

Steven then offered to do it in September when he was going to be in Florida, but we were going to Ireland & then England for my nephew’s wedding. I was so looking forward to being with family again. We haven’t been with them since last summer. Well I had to cancel that trip as well because the flights were nearly double the normal fare. For off season! I had to cancel a Dublin show as well as going to the wedding. I was so pissed about that. In retaliation, I booked gigs on the East Coast of Florida the same time that Steven was going to be there, so I had something to do other than stew in anger on not being with family. I wanted to be occupied doing something I love with my boyz. Well it worked! We had an incredible week filled with love, laughter and healing. Our shows totally kick ass! AND my puppy Merlin got to go with us too and he made a new friend.

I am blown away each time we do a show. Martin and I get so much out of our shows as does our audience. It is such a beautiful time we all spend with Spirit, it hits you on a soul level. Andrew/PureHeart is very present and does beautiful energy work in the room for everybody. There really are no words to express the joy, love, and gratitude I feel when doing these events. They are so powerful. While I had to miss being with family in the UK, we were right where we needed to be. This past week also felt like we were on vacation. When you do what you love, it does feel like a vacation, and I want me some more that! The whole week flowed, well except for the $250 speeding ticket I got on the way over there, other than that it flowed. I was going 86mph in a 70mph. I was gonna say I was doing 70mph in a 30mph to sound bad ass, but decided to go with the truth instead. I know I wasn’t going 86mph the entire time, but whatever. The trooper looked 12yo! What was he doing out after dark?! Let alone at 12:30a.m. Doesn’t he have a curfew? He could see I haven’t had a ticket since before he was born, maybe longer, but it is what it is. People were so kind to us by paying for meals and other things, that we probably made most of the ticket up anyway. Take that Mr. Pubescent officer! OMG! All I have to do is add “whipper snapper” to this and I could be 85yo sitting in a nursing home! Oy!

Anyway, I had my session with Steven on Thursday September 15th. It was a simple yet powerful and cool one. Steven and I saw pretty much the same thing. I was excited to hear that he saw a castle in the back ground! We were on my castle grounds! I knew it! He also saw Merlin there, the magician, not my puppy. We were in the forest surround by amazing Light Beings, and spirit animals. I saw Steven’s Indian Guide by my feet. When Steven asked for that part of me that left with Andrew, PureHeart/Andrew stepped forward in his Avatar attire looking so beautiful, regal and serene. Steven then said softly, “WOW! Andrew!” Steven could feel his loving power. I could feel how in awe Steven was, feeling this kind of love, one that is so pure and powerful. It is truly awe-inspiring. When Steven asked for that part of me, PureHeart/Andrew said, “She’s right here with me, I’ve been keeping her safe until she was ready to go back.”Here’s where Steven and I saw different things, but the result is the same. In the beginning, the part of me that I was getting back did appear as a ball of energy. What I ended up seeing was an energy outline of myself waiting to integrate again.

As Steven goes on with the ceremony, it is PureHeart that integrates me. The integration was smooth, nothing major went on like some might expect. No trembling or sobbing. After what I’ve been through, the less drama the better, I’ve had enough of that! Then Steven did the physical part of the integration by blowing into my crown chakra and did something with my heart chakra as he helped me sit up. Then he looks into your eyes as you look into his left and he waits to see the change in your eyes that shows the integration has happened. When he sees it, he says, “welcome back!” Nice huh?

Steven and I chatted for a few minutes sharing what we saw. I told him I did see the energy ball first. Steven saw an energy ball with a peace sign in it. He suggested I get a peace sign symbol for my alter. Andrew helped me find one at Crystal Vision when I got back to pick up Martin from doing readings there for the day. I was standing there talking to someone who was at our event the previous night. As I was talking with her, I heard Andrew tell me to look around, my peace sign was behind me, and sure enough it was. It was hanging with other necklaces of pentagrams. I had to look through them to find it. I got a brown, wood looking resin peace sign necklace. Kaliana likes it, she likes to bite on it. Eventually it will go on my alter, until then I will wear it.

Steven asked me how I felt, I told him that I felt good, even lighter. I didn’t feel majorly different, just peaceful. Steven told me that the integration could take 3-6weeks to be fully complete. Some people have major changes, I wasn’t expecting any. I’ve just been going with the flow and see what happens. Today on the treadmill, where I get some of my best insights, well there and on the toilet, (TMI?) I think I might have had an epiphany. I realized that the grief hasn’t just been about losing the physical part of Andrew, it was also about losing that part of myself that went with him. I found that interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks play out, if any other epiphanies or changes happen from this session.

Oh, but this wasn’t the end of finding the pieces of me. Oh no, I was going to find another part of me that following Monday night before we left for home, and so was Martin, at Steven’s Soul Calling workshop. But that is for another post. If you have the opportunity for a soul retrieval or soul calling session, I highly recommend it! Be the best you, that you can be, by getting back the pieces of you that have left. If you’re going to be here anyway, you might as well be fully present, it’s a gift you give yourself.


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