In case anyone happens to read this, I haven’t been on because we have been in Ireland for the past month with a week long Mediterranean cruise thrown in for good measure. I will be writing here in this post as soon as I get some time. I have been too busy enjoying our time with family and friends, something we rarely get to do in Florida, to write in the blog. One thing I did learn while on this much needed trip was, grief IS easier to deal with when surrounded by family! It is definitely going to be hard to go back to no family again. We are working hard on trying to spend more time here. Until next time,


Our month long trip to Ireland and a Mediterranean cruise was so incredible. What made it for Martin and I was the time spent with family because we rarely get to do that. When we got on the cruise & we were all hanging out together, it made me cry. It was so wonderful to see the family interacting and having fun. There was 27 of us on the cruise and most of it was our cousin’s soon to be in-laws. It was wonderful to have Elatia and her boyfriend J.R. there too, we shared a cabin with them. While on the cruise I found I didn’t have time to be in grief, I was too busy laughing and having fun with people I love. What a difference that makes! I couldn’t believe how good I felt. Then you add the Mediterranean as a back drop, well, you have as near to heaven as you’re gonna get here!

Then when we went back to Ireland we were surrounded by even more family. We spent time with nieces that I don’t usually get to. I loved hearing their stories about their lives with the other nieces and nephews. Martin’s family is so close even with all the fighting that sometimes goes on between the sisters. All their kids are close. I really miss being around them. Martin and I are working on being able to go between both countries.Hopefully one of these days soon we can make it happen.

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