Thank you everyone for holding this healing space for Andrew!! It’s really workin! The wound doc was in today and she was nicely surprised how fast and well his foot is healing! I mean, it didn’t even gross me out! :lol I even thought it looked good and that’s saying a lot! SHe said it must be the antibiotics. Yea, that’s what it must be! ;)

SO today we were back to a glorious day! ANdrew was feeling great! My mother in her weiner dog get up kept his spirits up! Can’t wait to see that picture! :lol Actually it was my mother who left here on cloud nine. She has never had a conversation with him like she did today. He was quite the teacher today and so in his element! Even if he doesn’t realize it.

She wanted to hear the Dahli Lama chant cd we have so I put it on. Andrew went on to explain who Buddah is and the beliefs of Buddists (SP?) He talked about the monks and healing. Now, he was giving all this teaching and he said he got all that from only 2 chapters in Beginners Buddisim (again sp?) book I got him for his b-day!? Yea, sure he did! ;)

Ran into his PICU Angel nurse, Gina tonight. We chatted for a bit. She is coming up to see Andrew on Sunday. She is so pleased to hear how well he is doing. She said that even when he was intubated and sedated that his spirit touched her heart. She looks forward to spending time w/him feeling well. She then went on to say that she knows we have touched a lot of people’s hearts in this hospital. I know Martin has, as he has done one on ones w/several different people. Martin told me that he discussed that w/Andrew’s Higher Self earlier and told him it’s really time to focus on self healing and getting out so he can teach the masses now! This was a good starter ground to get him use to it because he is so shy. But enough is enough already! :D

Last night I was apparently entertaining the nurses. I thought I was just chatting. :D One nurse said that when she had Andrew, every chance she got she would just come in his room to just relax and feel good. SHe said the energy in our room is so amazing and peaceful. She also talked about me doing a show around by the hospital so the nurses can go. That would be great but I don’t know what’s around here. We might do a mini one here just to give us something to do.

Andrew is still a lean mean eating machine!! Wooo Hooo! :hula He is slowly and steadily gaining weight! We have over a week to keep packing on the pounds and the nutrition!! His numbers are great according to the docs. His ANC#s is still zero so once that starts coming back that’s when we have to see what happens. We need that # to stabalize between 1500-1800. That means he’s in remission then!

We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow, Sat!!


Magickal Blessings!

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