As most of you know, Andrew periodically turns on the faerie light in his bathroom that was given to us by artists Colleen and David White the first Christmas without Andrew physically here. Whenever I see it on, I’ll ask Martin, “Did you turn on the faerie light?” His reply, “NO! quit asking me dammit!” But I never do quit asking. ;-) It’s a runnin thing that we do, a procedure if you will.

The faerie light hasn’t been on in a few weeks and I hadn’t said nothing to Martin, only to Andrew, like “WTF dude! Turn on the light for your Pretty Mama! You know it means a lot to me!” But no luck. I finally broke down and whined to Martin how Andrew hasn’t turned on the faerie light, kinda like telling on him. The next morning I get up and the faerie light is on! SO I naturally think Martin did it even though he said he NEVER messes with that light, but I ask him anyway. I said, “you’re screwing with me aren’t you?” Martin asked me why and I told him the faerie light was on. He said he absolutely did NOT turn it on.

I go use Andrew’s bathroom and I ask Andrew what was the deal with the faerie light. Why hasn’t he turned it on. Well, Andrew likes to join in our family games still. He was waiting for me to whine to Martin about the light not coming on, so he could turn on the light right after I whined about it, to make it look like Martin had done it. He set both of us up! He set me up to do what I do best, whine, and set Martin up looking like he turned on the faerie light. *dance puppets! DANCE!* hehehe I could feel him laughing his ass off! He really tickled himself with that one.

I was pretty proud of myself finding out what the deal was with the light straight from Andrew. It is interesting how I communicate with Andrew. For me it is just a knowing, a feeling, telepathy. It happens in a matter of seconds. Martin gets a heck of a lot of information from Andrew in a matter of seconds as well. Unless you experience communicating with spirits on the other side, it’s hard to explain.

Andrew is still playing with us and we LOVE it! He’s such a cool son!


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