I had to deal with everyday stuff today. I had to call the school board and tell them why we were late with Andrew’s school evaluation. :-( Needless to say the woman felt like crap when I told her and she felt bad for sending the letter. I told her I was waiting for the letter so I would know who to call. Now I know why the following day after Andrew ascended I said “Well, we don’t have to worry about the school board now!” That was the date of the letter they sent! I know it was Andrew actually saying it.

I mentioned on the Angel board that every morning I bring up Andrew’s myspace page and listen to the music we use to listen to during our slumber party nights. I’m ticked that some of the songs are in error now! Especially “This Old Guitar” because it was Muck’s fav. When Martin sang it once, it made him cry. You can check it out at http://www.myspace.com/cerrnonous

Martin and I will usually dance to some of these songs in the morning to start our day. We feel Muck dancing with us. It’s our special time with him.

We were out in today running errands. Out of the blue Martin finds sheets of paper from his visit to the walk in clinic the day of his diagnosis! Martin’s cleaned out the car before and I don’t think he ever found it. We were reading the notes from the doctor. One thing stuck out when he said “Very pleasant. Appears to be ill.” SO even the walk in clinic doc saw how pleasant he was. It’s also hard to look at. It took me right back to that day. A day that would change our lives forever! In ways we couldn’t even imagine. I can’t believe I’m on the other side of it now. It’s all over and my Andrew isn’t here physically with us. It SUCKS!

Martin and I talk all the time about all this, trying to make sense of it. We know in our hearts that there was no other way this was going to end. Andrew was going to move on. Andrew asked me today “If I had gotten an infection while at home, would you have ever forgiven yourself for that? Wouldn’t people have wondered if you could’ve done more to prevent it?” Point taken.

Andrew was getting more and more interested in Monks. They totally fascinated him. He was studying them. We believe that if he hadn’t of ascended he probably would’ve looked into becoming a Monk. And with that there is still no physical contact. SO I guess with him going the way he did we still have him here with us & he continues touching lives through this blog. It’s so hard being the mother of an Avatar! Yet is has been an incredible honor as well!


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  1. Swati says:

    Dear Connie,

    Yes, it totally sucks that he isn’t here physically. And I can still say it even though I never ever met him physically. So strange…but knowing what he is, it is not so strange after all.

    I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through…because even when I try to begin to imagine, it hurts so bad that I back off.

    And yet, what a blessing that he is your son, what a blessing that Martin rocks as a medium, dad and hubby! And what a blessing that you are psychic and have such a GREAT sense of humor, such great strength…such a wonderful mum…

    Come on now, lets talk about your castle on the other side. Do you have a room for me there? :) Doesn’t it totally rock that when you thought you were just kidding about this castle on the other side, it ACTUALLY existed??!! I wonder how many things that we wish, and kid about (wishing in our hearts they are true) are actually TRUE on the other side.


  2. admin says:

    There’s always a room for my fav stalker Swati!! LOL I’m looking forward to the big after Earth party!! I can’t say after life party because it isn’t!

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