Martin has told me that Andrew has said that when we make it to the other side, it will only feel like a few moments has past to him since he left this dimension. It will not actually feel like the years, possibly decades that we were really physically apart, not the actual years the human mind perceives it to be. I can kind of understand that since it in no way feels like Andrew has been gone from here physically for 2 1/2 + years. It feels like maybe 2 1/2 months, sometimes only days.

Of course when Andrew gives Martin information, he usually sends Martin an example to explain it further. This time Andrew sent it through Star Trek The Next Generation the other night, and it was an episode that really showed how that would look. Captain Pickard was hit by a probe from outside the ship and he collapsed dying. As they were trying to revive him, Pickard was in another life time in his mind. But he still remembered that he came from the Enterprise, but didn’t know anybody there in his “new” life. He ended up living a full life w/3 children, lived to be a very old man. He also learned to play the penny whistle. At the end of that lifetime he watched his family send up a probe, the probe that hit him earlier on the Enterprise.

When they sent the probe up to the Enterprise, they were able to revive him again and Pickard remembered everything about that life he just left. So they brought the probe sent by Pickard’s family on board, and inside the probe was a box & in it was the penny whistle. Pickard was given the penny whistle, he was still able to remember how to play it. Pickard lived that lifetime in the 20 mins he was unconscious on the Enterprise. It’s like when Andrew gives or shows us information, it feels like a ton of information but given in milliseconds.
If you ever had the pleasure to hear Dolores Canon speak, she mentions how Star Trek is based on truth, that it is channeled information. Yes, they tend to Hollyweird it up here and there, but the basics are true. Martin said it is the same with Dr Who. There’s a lot of truths in it.

Not long after seeing that episode, Martin was watching the History Channel. I guess Andrew wanted to back it up even further. They were talking about they are just now starting to understand a lot Einstein’s theories. They also said that there are those that believe that ET’s are actually us in the future keepin an eye on us in the past. I actually understand that. Anyway, I’ll leave you here to ponder that.


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  1. Dianne Moore says:

    Connie and Martin: I was cleaning out a desk drawer this week and came across an address book with your name in it. I googled you to catch up to see how things were.

    To my total unbelief, I read where your beloved son passed. I have had you in my mind all week. I remember visiting your home when Andrew was small, maybe 5,6,7 yrs of age. He was such a loving affectionate little boy every time I came. Thank you for posting his pictues……he grew into a wonderfully handsome young man with an infectious smile!! out of space….

  2. Dianne Moore says:

    By sharing your experiences with us regarding Andrew, I know he brought you so much love and Joy. I am comforted to know that you hold that time dear to you and that you still feel his presence. He was a very special young man and you are still filled with that love. It was a great gift he gave to you, as you realize.

    Our love goes out to you, Martin and Elatia. You have another Joy about to come into your life with your new grandchild. You will hold that child dear and close as Andrew has taught you.

    Forever in our thoughts, Jim and Dianne

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