With Andrew being in Spirit and all energy now, he can show up anywhere at anytime as we have seen in many of my blog posts. He is no longer bound by his physical body :’-( So that is how we know when Andrew is sending us a song, we feel his energy in the song. It’s validated when Martin and I tell the other about a song and it’s the same song.

So when I started at Olive Garden, I was nervous. What if a mother comes in with her teenage son? Or there are parents there with their boys? How will I react? Will I break down? I really didn’t know, but I had to get out there and do something so that we wouldn’t ever be in the position we were in the past few years. I had to suck it up and put myself out there.

Well, I got to see how I would be the other week. A mother, grandmother, and son came in. There was something familiar about the son for me. I noticed he had a stutter problem when he tried to talk to me, I could tell he was nervous is why he stuttered. I did what I could to make him feel comfortable and the stuttering calmed down. Andrew had a mild form of tehrets and when he was excited the ticks were more pronounced. Eventually by working with Andrew through meditations, the tehrets faded away to nothing.

As I waited on this family, I figured out what was familiar about this boy. I found out he was 16yo, he had messy hair like Muck, he always said, “yes please,” like Muck did when I asked him if he wanted something. But it was the innocence of this young man that reminded me of Andrew, the beautiful innocence they both shared. Instead of crying while waiting on this beautiful boy, I felt honored to be his server. I was glad they were at my table. Instead of sorrow, it brought me joy to wait on this family. I could feel my vibration rise as I served them. It was a real blessing to have this family in my section. I felt like I was there with Andrew. Thank you Muck!


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