Martin and I were on the patio last evening talking about the crazy world events that have been going on. Like snow in 49 States, serious flooding in Australia, and Brazil. The shooting massacre in Arizona, just to name a few. Martin said he is hearing a grumbling with the Earth, he says he feels there will be a huge Earth quake soon but not sure where, could be Yellowstone, not sure, he just knows he’s hearing it.

Well, I told him if all out craziness hits I ain’t staying around! I am not gonna fight over water or a loaf of bread, well maybe if it was fresh baked bread, but other than that na-uh! I just don’t have it in me to fight for my life in real crappy times, so not worth it to me. I’m more like, “peace out bitches!” Grab my garden hose, make sure my car has a full tank of gas, stop off at ABC liquor and head for the woods somewhere and finally meet up with Andrew.

Martin and I had a good chuckle about how we need to be prepared for our demise if things were to get drastically bad. I mean, with 2012 being the end of the world and all, (like I’d be lucky enough for that to be true,) you have to be ready for these things. As we are discussing this, a SUV goes by and I hear “Look at the back of it, quick!” I look at the SUV going by and the tire cover on the back of it, it says, “Life Is Good!” Martin and I had a really good laugh at that one. Andrew was right there in on our conversation, reassuring us life is still good. Whatev Avatar Boy!

Martin and I were discussing about fencing in our yard but after that SUV we realize Muck is always giving us signs on that road beside our house. If we fence it in, how will we see them? For instance, last week Martin was on the patio thinking about how he could add 22 to the PureHeart logo if he has to. Martin was thinking about the FedEx logo and trying to remember their logo. He just couldn’t remember exactly how theirs’ looked. As he’s trying to figure it out he hears, “Look up Daddy.” Martin looks up just as a FedEx truck slowly drives by. Question answered!

Martin tells me this story and then says, “The FedEx driver is probably wondering how the hell he ended up in our neighborhood. He was probably driving somewhere else then BAM! He’s in another neighborhood!” We had a good laugh thinking about the quantum physics possibilities of it all since Andrew was involved. Yeah, so we may have to rethink fencing in our yard. We would love to have a fence where we could see out but no one could see in. Hmmmmmm ya never know, they could make that someday.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, whether it’s the end or not, life is good in the Jordan household.


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