I wasn’t going to post about the dream I had last night but thought maybe it might help others who have had similar dreams of their transitioned loved ones, and have a hard time figuring them out.

This was a little disturbing dream about Andrew. I guess I am still working through all the hospital trauma, because most of the time when I dream about him, it’s about hospital stuff. BUT I did take a beautiful feeling from this dream.

In this dream, Andrew was in the forced four day coma again and they said there was no need for us to be there, that they would take good care of him. I then realized in this dream that we were so busy doing other things, that I don’t remember now what they were, that the four days had past and we hadn’t checked on Andrew once! :-0 We didn’t leave his side once when he was intubated the first time, so it felt weird to not be there with our son during this time. It was such a bazaar feeling to realize we left our son in the hospital on his own. I didn’t like it!
SO we rush to the hospital to see Andrew and he had just woken up. The weird thing is, he was covered up by a sheet but I knew he was awake. I ran over to him and just started hugging him so tight! I had my hand on his head and held him close to me. I could feel him in my arms. It was at that point I knew it was a dream but reveled in the fact I was huggin my son. Like the rest was a dream, but hugging him was real. It felt so good to hug him again, that it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Not even a nurse getting on my case about leaving him alone could ruin this moment! Yea, I gave her what for! I mean, they told us we could leave! Bitch! LOL MAN! What am I working through in this dream?
Why there had to be this turmoil in the dream to get my hug, I don’t really know, I’m not a dream interpreter, but the feeling of hugging my son stayed with me all day and made me smile when I thought of it. I had a great day at work and I was really on my game! I still feel the energy of that hug and it feels good!

I wanted to share this dream for those that may have similar turmoil dreams, but have a beautiful moment with the TLO. Don’t let the turmoil ruin the beautiful part, focus on the good feeling and nothing else! You’ll be glad you did!


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