Dream A Healing Dream With Me Part II

I have shared emails I have gotten over the years from people who have had amazing, healing experiences with Andrew since he left. These emails from people lift my spirits so much, and help me stay focused on the bigger picture, and not just on my tremendous loss.

Even though I know there is so much more beyond here, and Andrew is a huge part of lives still, not having him physically here is still hard. I miss that beautiful physical presence of his! His voice, his hugs, his kisses, seeing him in his room twirling his hair into a wee horn on his head as he watched his John Denver videos on YouTube.

Well the instant message I received recently was not all about an encounter with Andrew. In fact it was actually about a healing encounter with….ME of all people! Not Avatar Boy. I was shocked to say the least! Yet what she wrote to me vibrated in every cell of my body with the truth of her words, and I really needed to embrace that powerful healing side of myself more. This is not the first time I have heard this. Yes I have even heard this on this dimension by people I’ve met.

Here is the IM I received:

Claire’s Dream

“Hi Connie!

I just wanted to message you to share this utterly cool lucid dream I had last night featuring – you and Martin and a very bright and shining light! You were having this workshop thing and I just wandered in – I don’t know how I got there or why I was there and you said “you’re here – right its time for your healing we’ve been waiting for you” and I was like, “ok!”

You proceeded to do this amazing spiritual “surgery” on me and in place of the sheet they use in theatre there was this really bright shining light that shielded me from being able to see what was going on, and every now and then stopped me from being scared – not sure what you were doing back there but you were pulling out some pretty wild scary black stuff out of me and you were – um very energetic about it lol. Arms flying feverishly that type of thing. (sounds like me, always animated)

Every now and then it would seem like you were fatiguing and the light would move towards you, and seemed to re-energize you so you could keep going. A couple of times I tried to focus on the light but I kept feeling like my gaze was pulled away – it was about you and your skills, the light was “just” assisting and it was important I understood that. (And me too! A definite message for me here)

Then you said you were done and then Martin came over and said, “I’ll finish off.” He started doing some kind of procedure too, but again I couldn’t describe it as the light obscured it, but where you were very full gusto and rather dramatic (lol!) Martin was a lot more smooth action with softer movements and he was humming a tune and the tune was the healing if that makes sense. (TOTAL sense!) Then he “stitched me up” with some kind of coloured light. Each of your work seemed to compliment the other in a truly unique way and I felt really blessed.

When I got up and said thank you so much that was such a gift, you said “gift??” It costs $68!!! And I was embarrassed because I didn’t have my purse! You and Martin both then said some rather profound things that made perfect sense to me but goddammit, I forgot what it was as soon as I woke up! I woke up with Imogen Heap’s song Hide and Seek playing in my head and I’ve been humming it all day, which is a very random song, so not sure what that means!

I did wonder about the number 68 and I looked it up and it means “Remember that Spirit is the source of your income. Worry doesn’t assist you with your finances, but prayer always helps with every part of your life.” I have been worrying about financials lately (although I try not to!) so I really felt comfort from that!

The really interesting thing is that this procedure all happened on my right side and yesterday I did an exercise routine which I hadn’t done before, which generally gives you muscle soreness since you have no muscle memory of those moves, right? Well I woke up with muscle pains – but only on my left side! I’m not messing with you! And I feel so good today, happy, settled, like something gave way in the night. It was just so cool that I just wanted to share it with you!

The bright light that was helping was very determined to remain that – it was all about emphasizing you and Martin’s abilities, it seemed important to share that! There is maybe only 4 other people in the world I would be game to relay a dream like that to! lol I hope you don’t mind that I shared it or made you feel weird or anything! And thanks! Because I do feel really good today!! Do I owe you $68???? xxxxx”

Well, needless to say I want my $68! hahahaha no I don’t =D But I am THRILLED that Claire felt the fear and shared with me anyway! Not only did this encounter have profound messages for her, but for me as well. AND a little birdie told me ;-) that others who read this will get messages they need to hear too. SO thank you Claire for being willing to share your dream, you are delivering messages that others need to hear as well by your willingness to being open to sharing such a personal experience. We all learn and grow when we share!

This also explains why I wake up tired! LOL Apparently I’m a pretty busy woman at night! One of the messages I got from this is that Andrew wants Martin and I to focus on our own powerful abilities. Ok, mainly ME! That is why I was spot lighted in this healing. While he is very much a part of our work, it’s not all about him. He appreciates the way we honor him, but he wants us to honor ourselves just as much. After all, we are the one in the trenches carrying on this work with him. So thank you very much Claire for delivering that message to me. Heard loud and clear!

Andrew turned on his faerie light last night. That was his stamp of approval on this story. It’s been months since he’s turned it on.

So dream a little dream and see where it takes you and who you may meet and what healing that may occur. You’ll be glad you did!


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  1. Karen Vance TerMaat says:

    Timely! That “little bird” is right. :-)

  2. As I was writing this blog he told me that a good many people needed this message.

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