Andrew would say that to me if I didn’t care for a video game he was playing or I didn’t appreciate something that he liked. He would either say “Don’t be hatin Mommy” or “don’t be judging,” then we would both laugh. His timing was impeccable.

I knew the more we put ourselves out there with the work we do with Andrew, we would eventually have haters. Hard to believe I know, but I knew it was going to happen somewhere down the road. It doesn’t matter who you are, how amazing your work is, how much you come from the heart, there will ALWAYS be someone there to hate on it & pick it apart.

Well, we finally got our first hater. I have to say, even though you know it’s going to happen at some point, it is still shocking when it does happen. Especially when the person is supposedly metaphysical. You expect that kind of thing from a muggle, or a right wing Christian, but someone who is suppose to be metaphysical? No, you don’t expect it from a venue you performed at.

Our friend Jeremy was at a venue we haven’t been at in over 2 years. He was talking to the owner and told her that he had been in there before with us when we did our concert there. That is when she proceeds to tell him that there were people that felt that we were just capitalizing on our son’s passing! WHAT??!!! Are you kidding me with this?! There were only TWO people that showed up for that concert! It didn’t even pay for our gas to drive up there! She may have said that there were people saying this, but it was really HER that was saying it! I mean 2 years later to bring this up? Na-uh, this was all her! I really shouldn’t be surprised since she was talking smack while we were there about another venue we have had events at. Not once, not twice, but every time we were in her store, she talked smack about this other venue. The other events we did at her store had nothing to do with Andrew.

It’s amazing that she can talk smack about us to OUR friend, and we haven’t even been there in over 2 years. It really shows her true colors and her mean spiritedness. How you can pick on 2 parents trying to carry on their son’s legacy is beyond me. You’d think after how much I have been dumped on by people since Andrew left, this wouldn’t surprise me, and yet it does.

So I guess John Walsh capitalized on his 6year old son Adam’s abduction and murder by getting laws changed regarding missing children, and getting his own tv show to catch escaped criminals. Or Natalie Hollaway’s mother capitalizing on her daughter’s disappearance and  murder by getting her own tv show to help others find their lost loved ones. Or my friend Deb Snyder who wrote the book, “Intuitive Parenting” about her special needs daughter that can’t talk, and the program, “Heart Glow,” Deb developed and teaches because of her daughter. Yeah, it’s pretty terrible that these grieving parents and parent of a special needs child, are still making their child’s lives matter by having their kids still make a difference in the world. How dare they! I can’t even keep a straight face writing that sentence, it is so ridiculous! *laughing*

When I posted on my FaceBook page about having our first hater, Elatia posted, “Who do I need to beat up?” That made me laugh. She called me to get the details. When I told her exactly what was said, she said laughing, “Andrew would want you too!  He wouldn’t have a problem with that at all if that was indeed what you were doing! He was all about making money!” We both had a good laugh at that one because she was so right. Personally? I think she was channeling Andrew!  She had a few other choice words about this person, but I’ll not share them here. *insert your own imagination here*

We know that we are coming from a “pure heart” and integrity. We know why we are doing the things we are doing with Andrew. We know our son has much more to teach here, and we will help him do that until the day we get to leave this planet. Working with Andrew is my heart’s desire, my passion, my soul’s purpose now.

Well, to me having our first known hater, (there could be more we don’t know about) just means we must be getting closer to getting out there in a bigger way, and that is just fine by me! Hate away haters because it is YOUR issue not ours! It speaks volumes about who you are as a person, and that person really kinda sucks.

Let the games begin! ;-)


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