* Grabs mic and gets on soap-box – “Is this thing on?” *


ElfPrincessWarriorPeople have said that I am a Diva.

Well if Diva means still standing after nearly losing your 25 year old daughter after emergency surgery on a rare ovarian tumor that they wanted to treat as an aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

Then going right into a Leukemia diagnosis with your 16 year old son, then losing him 4 months later.

Then suddenly being thrown into menopause at 47 year old so you don’t have a major physical meltdown from all the trauma in the past year.

Then having “friends and family” shit on you, and blaming you for said traumas. Have people claw at you wanting you to still be there for them while you are trying to make sense of your own life again after losing your son.

Then go into financial Divaliousruins.

Then have your husband have emergency surgery in a foreign country while you are on tour, and get stuck in said foreign country for 6 months unexpectedly while he heals.

Then 18 months later your husband now gets diagnosed with cancer and then with 2 days notice, you get to be left alone for nearly 10 months fighting for your sanity and fighting off foreclosure… AGAIN, by yourself, while he is fighting for his life 3,000 miles away because your country doesn’t believe in REAL health care! 

All the while doing your own hair, manicures, pedicures, cleaning your own pool, changing your own car battery, killing your own big ass spiders on a suicide mission because the word spread in spidy world that you’re the “Death Witch.” 

Then getting stung WarriorPrincessby wasps while trying to get rid of the wasp nests and vines taking over your house. All of this in the last 8 1/2 years AND the whole time NOT on any medication AND keeping your sense of humor the entire time, while looking fabulous, and STILL standing like a boss?…


THEN YES, I AM A FUCKIN DIVA ! AND proud to be one!”

* Throws down mic and walks off soap-box in true Diva fashion! *

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5 Responses to DIVA-LICIOUS

  1. Karen T says:


  2. Jacki SeiWell says:

    Some days I wonder how I got through and still have any feelings for this world as I know many of us do. You have had more then your share and sure do wish you figure out what that lesson the Universe wants you to get soon. Way to much though you are a hero to many of us following your journey. Hugs

  3. pureheart says:

    There are people who can write the raw stuff as well as the fluff, and I am grateful that Connie has the ability to do just that. She is as real as she is enlightened and has been teaching me to be that way for as long as I can remember. So thank you dear Connie, and keep blogging.

  4. pureheart says:

    Thank you Jacki. It is wonderful to hear your voice on here, and thank you.

  5. pureheart says:

    Thank you Karen. Love to hear what you have to say – so write.

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