Martin and I were discussing this very thing today. We looked at this whole journey with Andrew and we know it was destined to go the way it did. Even if Andrew had gotten through the transplant something else would’ve happened. Maybe an accident. Who knows. The fact that Martin and Jeremy were told to back off by Andrew’s Guides and not do anything anymore, let’s us know it was destiny for Andrew to ascend when he did.

We go through certain things in our lives, some are destined to happen no matter what and others are from free will & the decisions we make.

I have had things happen in my life that most Light Workers, if not all, would say was in my soul contract, i.e. destined. That’s the issue I have with a lot of metaphysical teachings, they tend to say things are true across the board. What we have learned is, situations are by a case by case basis.

For example, Andrew being diagnosed w/leukemia. New Agers would have you believe that he was blocking the flow of life or as Abraham teaches dis-ease is pinching off your life force. Well, I don’t know anyone who loved life more than Andrew. NO ONE! He had such a zest for life! I mean what 10 yr. old says to his mother that the best gift he ever got was his life???? No 10 yr. old I know! To just lump everybody into that belief just doesn’t make sense!

We honestly believe the leukemia was a gift Andrew was willing to go through so we could spend so much time together before he had to leave. As we look over the past year we can see how Andrew was preparing for this. His human side was unaware but his Higher Self knew. The studying of Monks & Buddhism. He was so fascinated by them. Meditating more, deeper conversations about life and the Other Side. I think his human side really wanted to stay. He never gave up! NEVER! Not even in the PICU! He was willing to be intubated again to get better. But as Andrew had said, “They” came to get him and told him it was time to go. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. Probably not. Even with all that I know and knowing he’s with us. This human part of me will never get over it!

But I do know Martin and I held up our end of this contract the 3 of us had together with great Courage and Grace. For that we will be rewarded for when we cross over. It took a lot of guts for us to agree to go through such a painful, devastating loss after what both of us had to endure as children. What the hell were we thinking??!! :-0

The event from my childhood is believed by New Agers that I signed up for it. Martin has always told me that I did not. I figured he was just saying that to be nice. Well, after Martin bringing through my counsel one night when we went out to eat, I found out that I indeed did not sign up for it! Things were suppose to go another way. But because of free will and decisions that were made my life took whole other turn. Was it destined to happen? Not in my case. It was free will that made it happen.

I thought if things had gone the way they were suppose to go, then Martin and I may not have met. After really looking at it and the circumstances, yes we still would’ve met because that WAS destined to happen. It just came about on another road. A road I would’ve preferred not traveling!

As I looked over my life today, it’s almost as if my whole life was preparing me for this moment of Andrew’s ascension. I remembered when I was 16yrs old I did my term paper on “Life After Life” by Raymond Moody. I was fascinated by the “after life” even back then. And this was 1977 people! There was no James Van Praagh, John Edward or Lisa Williams on TV!

Again, I’m feeling a bit off with the writing tonight, not sure I am conveying what I really want to say. SO I may be back adding more later. Forgive me if it doesn’t make sense. I have more doses of reality today than “normal.” I think the more time goes by the harder it is for me to be in denial about things. Andrew isn’t just over a friend’s house. That’s how I’ve been getting by, I tell myself that.

I will leave you with this for now….CHOOSE WISELY!

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2 Responses to DESTINY vs FREE WILL

  1. Swati says:

    Yeah…all these questions about “we choose our reality”, “free will”, Abraham’s teachings, Law of Attraction came up for me big time after Andrew crossed through the veil. We all thought he’d get well (yeah he got well, but we thought he’d get well physically), not for a moment did we waver from that thought. He always said he’ll get well. The whole atmosphere around him was so positive always…and then he just left. I wanted to give up all of this. It didn’t make sense anymore. Then I thought maybe its not all free will as we are being taught now. Maybe destiny IS part of it? I hate “destiny”. I wish free will was it. But maybe I don’t know better. Maybe thats a question for Andrew? For your book? Is it really free will, or is there destiny involved too…and we helpless at the hands of destiny?


  2. Leah Clark says:

    Swati – I had somewhat the same response initially… then my dog passed over (he was with us for almost 16 years), and I wanted to say, “nothing works… it’s all crap… blah blah blah…” But maybe our “destiny” is another word for “sacred contract”, the ones we sign before we enter our physical bodies here on earth. It seems like something we have no control over, but really, isn’t it a choice we made initially that we “forget” when we come here? Even down to the timing of my dog’s passing, two weeks after attending Steven Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guide workshop at the ICDI conference in Tampa, where he reassured us that our pets are still with us on the ethereal plane… I guess it’s all about perspective, isn’t it? (or maybe the rantings of a person who hasn’t had enough coffee yet… LOL)

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