Life with a medium and an Avatar son on the other side certainly keeps things interesting to say the least!

It always amuses me when a client wants to know if you read cards to do a psychic reading. All I care about is getting the information. I don’t care how the reader gets the information, they could be reading a duck’s foot or ass for all I care. My main concern is that the reader is really, really good, and knows their stuff. Martin was asked the question, “Do you read cards?” He replied, “I can but don’t usually.” He then asked the client if they wanted him to read cards, and they did. Martin sighs and looks for a deck. Martin wasn’t sure if he was diggin their energy that much. Usually if a client is that picky, they are gonna be a pain in the ass because they think they know it all. I know, then why bother calling a psychic then? Right? Because they want the validation they are right, when really they don’t get the big picture anyway. Then when you don’t give them the answer they want, they get pissed, and think the reader is full of shit, only to find out down the road that the psychic i.e. Martin was correct. One of the many joys of being a commercial reader.

Martin looks on his desk and sees a deck of playing cards. That’s odd, he’s never seen them there before. We are not card players, so for a deck of playing cards to just be out on Martin’s desk is odd. Most of the cards we have around the house are oracle cards, they are everywhere. Spot the metaphysicians. Between owning a metaphysical store and working for Doreen Virtue, we have quite the collection of oracle cards, so to see this deck of playing cards, it threw Martin for a second. But it was about to become more clear as to how and why they were there.

Next thing Martin notices is Andrew in a card dealer’s visor hat behind a card dealer’s table, Vegas style. Martin just goes with the flow because he’s use to Andrew showing up in all kinds of crazy get-ups during readings. So a Vegas dealer isn’t out of the question, right? Actually he was “dead” on, sorry couldn’t help myself. Martin chuckles to himself at Andrew’s get-up as Andrew is laying out the cards on his table being all serious dealer like. Andrew dressed like this isn’t odd for Martin, but a deck of playing cards on his desk is. Go figure. We are not your average family, that’s for sure!

Martin is not really using the playing cards but the client asks, “What card did you get?” They must have heard Martin shuffling the deck or taking a bit longer than they liked or something, because without batting an eyeball Martin says, “7 of spades.” For a split second he was like “uh-oh! Are they gonna be mad? Hope they have a sense of humor!” Lady Luck was smilin upon Psychic Boy this night because this client busted out laughing! *phew!* Dodged a bullet there, and a call into the principle’s office… AGAIN! Martin’s now thinking this reading may not be so bad after all. He broke the ice with them, by making them laugh, so he’s good to go.

Come to find out the client does goes to Vegas a lot and likes to play cards. Andrew is right on the money again. Somebody stop me with these puns! Then they ask Martin what the 7 of spades means. Martin replies with his quick wit again, thinking, in for a penny, in for a pound, and said, “Well, if I had an 8,9,10 and a jack I’d have a straight! They found that really funny too! He is on FIRE with this client!

By making them laugh it brought their guard down, allowed them to put their trust in Martin as a reader, and he was able to deliver the real message they needed to hear. Andrew was the vehicle not only for the client, but also for Martin to deliver the humor first, so Martin didn’t want to pimp slap the client. Therefore, humor is not only the best medicine, but it saves lives and jobs too people!

So if you ever call a psychic, remember, it’s ALWAYS dealer’s, I mean, psychic’s choice on how you get the information. If you are worried about how a reader is going to give you the information, then you are NOT with the right psychic reader, and you need to find someone you definitely trust.

And as always…

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