Dancing In The Moon Light…AGAIN!

These past 6 1/2 years I have talked about having experiences with Andrew where it felt like the old days, just in the new way. Today was no different. Martin and I were busy with making sure things were in order for our upcoming events next month in Ft Lauderdale and Miami, as well as doing a 20 min reading together from our special in Dec, that lasted almost 2 hours. It was a great phone call with someone we really related to on so many levels. It was her friend, who lost a son, that bought her the 20 min reading back in Dec. When I get to do readings like that with Martin and Andrew, it just makes my day! It is so much fun and enlightening to play with Spirit, and they love it too!

Anyway, after that we decided to go out and eat before I had to go to work, and see one of our fav servers at Denny’s. Yes, I know, you don’t go to Denny’s you end up at Denny’s, but they have a great new menu and we love our server Denise. Not to mention we get a lot of attention there and feel like rock stars. Hey! Don’t be judging! We take it where we can! One of their guests, as they were leaving, said we looked like celebrities! Ya gotta start somewhere. And if it’s Denny’s, then so be it!

As we are looking at the menu, Martin and I at the same time hear a familiar song and we start to laugh. Martin said that right before it started  he hears Andrew say, “Listen up Daddy!” What was the song? You probably guessed it if you have read the previous blog post about, “Dancing In The Moonlight.”

We are hearing that song more now, which is so odd, it’s not a song you hear regularly while out. Hearing it today I could feel Andrew’s energy surrounding us in that familiar way, and it really felt like the 3 of us were out having lunch together in the old way, just in the new way. Notice I didn’t say that it felt like we were out to lunch? Oh yes, I choose my words wisely when talking about the woo woo stuff. ;-)

I went to work feeling great because I spent the day with  2 of my favoritest (yes I know it’s not a word) men in the world, my husband and son.There truly are no words to describe what it feels like being with a loved one who has crossed. It opens your mind and heart beyond what you can imagine! NOTHING, not even so called “death” can break the bonds of love, and that theory has definitely been tested with us! You just have to be open to experience it.

It’s also very interesting that Kaliana has brought up the singing moon in Andrew’s bathroom lately too. Not really sure if it means anything, or if Andrew is just being playful with us like he would do when he was here, the whole random thing he would do. Alls I know is that I LOVE it and it feels like the old days, just in the new way, and that does this PrettyMama’s heart good!

Annnd I’m thinkin that maybe I just may need to do some dancin in the moonlight again!

No matter what…



Side note, when I was checking out videos of this song to post here, Martin was thinking, “OMG! There it is again!” He thought he was hearing it in his head. Messing with a medium is fun!!

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  1. Dancing in the Moon light sounds like a good idea.

  2. A very good idea!!

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