Dan da Man!

Daniel, Andrew’s 13yo friend & also Tammy’s son, has been here again since Monday. While he spent the least amount of time w/Andrew because he lived in Laguna Beach, he is the most like him. A Wise One through and through! It’s been great having him here. He has asked us to be his God Parents so we are doing a wee ceremony when everyone is here.

I decided to start painting again as a release from grief. I use to paint ridiculous stuff on nails, the detail was crazy that I would do, so why not paint on a small canvas. Nothing Picasso or anything, just enjoying painting whatever comes to mind. Martin wanted me to to learn piano because he knew I wanted to in high school. I just can’t try and learn anything right now. The thought of it is too overwhelming. SO I thought painting was a good idea, I can’t screw it up or get frustrated. So when we went to Micheal’s to price an artist kit, the song playing as we walked in was who?? John Denver’s Sunshine On My Shoulders. Well, if that ain’t a sign from Muck for me to paint, I dunno what is!

I painted my famous palm tree, beach scene that I use to do on a finger nail, for Daniel. Well you woulda thought I painted the Sistine chapel for him! LOL He appreciated it so much! He was so blown away by it. He said he is going to get it put on his book bag for school. Bless his heart, he is so sweet!

Last night I was painting some pictures in Andrew’s room at his desk w/my new artist kit, :-) Daniel was in the LR on the lap top and I had the music station on the TV. Andrew was giving Daniel crazy signs all night. Daniel was so excited. For instance, someone on RuneScape Daniel was playing with, had the name “1022 AJ 1022.” Abuh?? How insane is that?

Then the songs on the TV?? It was crazy how many of the songs that reminded us of Andrew came on. When the one song came on “Here’s To The Night” I came out to see who sang it, Daniel and I sat there & were very quiet as we listened to the words. While the video is about something else, the words really hit Daniel and I. He wants to astral travel too to see Andrew & this song for us is like seeing Andrew for just one night. At the end of it, we hugged as the tears rolled down our faces & us saying how much we miss our best friend. Daniel was happy tho because he was feeling Andrew all night. So the tears were for several emotions, happy & sad.

Well I’m off to paint on my last canvas. Nighttime seems to be my best time for painting.


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4 Responses to Dan da Man!

  1. Karen T. says:

    I used to draw. Never had to use for the grieving process, but imagine it would work. Happy painting Connie!

  2. Karen T. says:

    Oh and 1022 AJ 1022….WOW!!!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    I kept seeing the number 17 recently so I looked it up. Turns out 17 has quite a lot of meaning. but one of the most interesting things I found was, 17 is the third Fermat prime, as it is of the form 222 + 1

  4. admin says:

    Martin has been hounding me to do something so I figured painting would be perfect because I don’t have to stress about getting anything right. Whatever I paint is perfect.

    Very interesting Jeremy.

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