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*Cyber Savvy Master Class*

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*Dates and Classes: *

*Class # 1: “Your home on the web” – August 11^th *

*Class # 2: “Designing your website” – August 14^th *

*Class # 3: “Setting yourself up for success” – August 18^th *

*Class # 4: “Viruses and backing up your data” – August 21^st *

*Class # 5: “Tools of the trade” – August 25^th *

* *

*TIME: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST*

* *

*The classes will be conducted via teleclass, and the instructions will be sent to you as soon as you register. You can register for the class right now in the shopping section. Just click on the “regular shopping <>” link and choose the class that you would like to register for.*

As you know I have been teaching for a good many years, and I have noticed quite a few things about the people that are in business for themselves.

1. They don’t have a good knowledge of how to do business on the web.
2. They don’t have the basic information that it takes to run their
web business. This leads to a frustrating experience and a lot of
money being left on the table.
3. They don’t understand enough about how the internet works in
connection to their website and their business.

You can view the full outline of the classes here <>: With these finding and others, I set about putting together a series of workshops to put you back in touch with the most interesting part about your business. The Internet. This workshop series will bring you up to speed, and up to a knowledge that will allow you to start using your website properly and start making money, or at the very least, building a relationship list.

They will teach you everything you need to know from choosing the right domain name right through building up your mailing list and how to use it.

*In this Master Class you will learn about the following:*

* *

1. How to choose a domain name
2. How to register the domain name
3. How to properly determine what tools your website needs based on
the type of products or services you have.
4. How to pick a host. What is a host? What does hosting mean?
5. How to design your site and what tools you need.
6. How to use email and newsletters
7. How to create relationships
8. How to generate repeat business
9. How to save money by picking the right companies for your needs
and the right tools for the job.

*You will have the following tools:*

1. Email readers
2. web design tools
3. search engine tools
4. marketing tools
5. imaging tools
6. lots of other tools as we build the list
7. free e-books from the internet masters

This is only a small listing of the great things this class has in store for you. Check out the class outline <>.

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  1. Leila says:

    the links from this post aren’t working. I went to the store from the home page…not sure which cyber classes are these. Is it one price for all or is it priced individually? If you can’t make the class can you listen to a download later? or do you need to take the class at the time so you can ask questions? Lordy knows I could use some cyber savvy!!! LOL


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