He was a cranky little Buddah today! :lol But I can’t blame him really. They started our day @ 7:00a.m. coming in w/a wheel chair saying he had an MRI scheduled. I said “no one told us!” I was pissed! I was actually sleeping for a change! SO was Andrew, so he was pissed as well. I called Martin who was also sleeping, and he was pissed because no one informed us that he was sheduled. So we said NO! Not happening! No one told us and Andrew does not have an MRI w/o Martin. Andrew hates them MRIs, the noise bothers him.

He had one at 8p.m. tonight. He was dreading it. Was not in the best of moods. Martin went, I stayed in his room because I’d have to be in the waiting room anyway. After an hour I get a call from Andrew on his new cell phone in a rather chipper mood (abuh?? did they give him some adavan?? :lol ) asking me to score him some stool softener and ASAP! :lol The nurse asked Martin who he was calling and Martin said his laxative dealer! :lol :lol So yea, we went from diarreah to constipation. Ahhhhhh the lovely side effects of drugs! :\ Still better than some other side effects he could have.

On the upside his ANC #s are at 80 and his blast (leukemia) cell % is at 5%. SO the docs are pleased. He’s on chemo till Friday then we play the waiting game after that to see if he is in remission. He only gets airo-c (?spell) chemo now twice a day and it’s only a push not a drip over hours. :D Never thought I’d have a smiley face over something like that!

Once we find he’s in remission then we start the chemo AGAIN! They have to get him to ZERO white cells and I believe ZERO stem cells. Not sure how long that takes. Then they start the transplant. SO you see what I mean?? I believe he will be fine, it’s having to watch what he has to go thru to get there. It’s so hard! I wouldn’t wish this on any mother…or child!

He did eat 1/2 his steak today and a bagel plus some white chedder pop corn. Not the best diet but at least he is eating!!! So that is the latest. Should probably check PBS to see if Wayne Dwyer is on. It helped last time to having a great day. :D

Magickal Blessings!

 P.S. YUP!! I can always count on Wayne to be on PBS to keep me company!! He’s on.

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