Count Down Begins to the 8th Annual Int’l It’s All Good Day Celebration

Thirty four years ago was one of the most magical days in my life watching, helping bring the girl I always dreamed about into my life! And 8 yrs ago was the 2nd most traumatic day in my life!

As we were getting ready to meet Elatia at the beach for her 26th bday, I was on cake duty, but first we had to make, what we thought was a quick trip to the walk in clinic for antibiotics for Andrew who had a sore throat & fever. Then we found out we had to go the ER b/c the clinic’s machine was too small b/c his white cell count was too high for it.

So I called Elatia to tell her that we’d be a little later with the cake b/c of the ER trip. Well, after awhile at the hospital we find out that Andrew did not have strep throat or a throat abscess, which I thought was the worst that could happen b/c they were talking surgery for that. But boy was I ever wrong about that one being the worst! Oh what would I have given to just have the throat abscess to deal with instead of what we were told.

We were told that our amazing, strong, beautiful, always healthy 16yo son had leukemia and they were transporting him to All Children’s Hosp by ambulance ASAP. In a split second my world was ripped apart! AND Elatia had no bday cake! Thank your brother Elatia! lol

Looking back on it now, being diagnosed on his sister’s bday was perfect. It’s hard to turn devastation into celebration with a leukemia diagnosis as the anniversary comes around. BUT on his diagnosis day, I can acknowledge it, and then focus on the one of the happiest moments of my life that happened on July 11, 1981 at 2:17am

So today I celebrate my daughter coming into my life and the count down begins for the 8th Annual Int’l IT’S ALL GOOD DAY celebration on Oct 22, 2015

It’s All Good!

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