Martin and I, along with Andrew, were discussing some of our philosophies about life on Wednesday. We were talking about fear, about how many people live in fear. Fear of moving forward, fear to be themselves, fear to face themselves, fear to speak their truth, fear of facing the truth, fear of being alone, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of bungee jumping :-D etc.

Then Martin was talking about happiness. That happiness is a CHOICE. People think that this or that needs to be in place first before they can be happy. Martin said that is just a load of crap! You choose to be happy no matter what! Then we talked about Andrew, how even with going through such horrendous treatments, Andrew was happy. I was in such awe of him. How can I not be happy after watching Andrew go through what he did and he still be happy? I witnessed it first hand, yet I struggle with it. Martin has it down, that is for sure. Yea, he sucks! LOL

As we are sitting there discussing this, Martin starts laughing hysterically. I said; “What is Andrew saying now?” Andrew says something so cornball to Martin and then says; “You can share it in your classes Daddy.” Martin said; “Oh no I won’t!” It was so cornball and country music like, that even Andrew went into his funny ho down dance and song he would always randomly do in between his “I like cheese!” bit that is. LMAO (Dr Phil might want to use it though. ;-) )

What did Andrew say that was so cornball? He said; “Well Daddy, it IS a choice to be happy or fearful, you can choose to go to the fear forest or the happy hills.” Really?? Fear forest? Happy hills? Oh c’mon Muck! You gotta have something less corny than that! Apparently not at the moment, Andrew is sticking to cornball. :-D


P.S. This counts for Friday Swati! :-)

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  1. Swati says:

    Nooooo this does not count for Friday! It is only 10:37 pm here, Thursday as I type my response. It is very much Thursday…so come twiddle your thumbs if you must, but come to your blog and write something for Friday.

    *stamps feet*
    *throws tantrums*


    I always think, it must be so much fun for you to live with Martin…he is always living in another world…talking more with the non-physical than us mortals. You must have fun just observing his reactions to the conversations he must be having with all the invisible ones! LOL!!

  2. Karen T. says:

    Hey Connie….just write “Hi Swati!” LMAO

    Sorry Swati


  3. Dana says:

    *blows raspberries at Swati!* :D

    Hey! You can read OUR responses – okday? ;)

    I seem to have the ‘fear factor’ down to a science ;) For example, we are currently having a blizzard at the rate of 2″ of snow an hour and I have to crawl to work and back today – WTF?!?! On the plus side, my husband is playing ‘plow jockey’ and he’ll get over time today.

    I seriously need to move to California! :D

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I think of Andrew when I get down in the dumps as well! It’s definitely been his influence that has helped during our financial difficulties (gotta say also that Martin helped there as well – but since he was talking a lot about Andrew, I guess we’ll credit Andrew with that one. LOL! Seriously – anyone having difficulty needs to set up a session with Martin – he’s a Life Coach, among all the other stuff he does, and he’s really good at it! He sure called me on my sh… er… STUFF!)

    Karen – you were REALLY punchy there, weren’t you?

    Dana – I’ll bet Swati has an extra room for you to thaw out in!

    (heh heh heh – my evil work here is done!)

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Ahhhh c’mon Swati! I posted this going on 1am my time! You want me to stay up past 3am now??!! I’m not in the hospital anymore when I use to start writing my blog at 2am. You’re killing me! :-) I remember when people were freaking if I didn’t have my post up by 6am. They would get worried. Sometimes I would get caught up in talking to the vitals techs that would come in every 4 hours. Yea, I do miss those days, didn’t think I could but I do…..very much so because as I wrote, I would watch Andrew sleep. *wipes tear* ok, gotta stop that.

    I have to say, living w/Martin is a treat. That is where I get most of my material for my act. Me and Andrew use to sit and laugh at him. Now, Andrew is usually the cause of Martin being amusing. I’m telling ya, we should be on a reality show!

    Yikes Dana! And my friend Lori wants to move to Vermont! :-0 She knows not what she speaks! I’m here with the windows open, almost put the air conditioning on yesterday, it was 77 in here w/the windows open. That’s a.c. time for a menopausal woman! But I pushed thru it. Great idea btw Dana! Read the responses Swati! Although I did write like 3 blogs as back up just in case I have slow blog day. :-) Thinking ahead! ;-)

    OMG! How over are we of financial difficulties Leah?? I am sooooooo over it! I think that is another reason this has been so hard on me. You add major grief of tremendous loss and people dumping on you to financial BS and that is just a mixture for major depression! It really is a wonder that I am still here after all this nonsense! You know it ain’t me keeping me here! Hmmm wonder who it could be? ;-) Having Martin be who he is, is a tremendous help. I know I could not have made it this far w/o him. He is my rock!

    I like yer thinking Karen! *evil laugh*

  6. Swati says:

    Alright…………………I’ll just read the responses…………………..

  7. Dana says:

    *points up at Swati and laughs* :D

    And I personally feel that 2009 is going to be a great year financially! I’m actually very excited for 2009 to begin!

    And Connie…you realize that now, I must hate you! :-P No kidding, the snow was up to my knees! It took my son (with a damn snow blower!) and me (with a shovel) a few HOURS to clean out our driveway! I was 2 hours late for work and my boss was furious! Like I could help it? >:( But i finally got there and back again safely (like I need to die trying to get to that ‘job’?) Also, Ken worked 16hrs straight plowing. Fell into bed at 10 pm (he had been up since 3am) and had to be back up at 3am AGAIN to go and plow again. OY!

  8. Swati says:

    Snow? What is that Dana? Ohhhhh…you mean that white lovely looking stuff I see faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away on the top of the hills?

    Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk!!

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