We really need to tape our conversations because I try and remember what was said but I know I miss things or do not write as well as it came through. BUT all our taping electronics are fried! We have that effect on them.

First Martin asked Andrew what was new then Martin started LHAO! He tells me Andrew said “Nothing, I still pee sitting down.” ROFLMAO!! Martin said “He caught me off guard with that one! Why would I have thought of that? That’s how I know it was him, it was so random!” LOL LOL :-D

Yea, I had an issue with guys standing and peeing and yellowing my toilet cover & shower curtain from splashage. Ewwwwww! That is soooo disgusting! I mean, it’s not a urinal for chrissakes! So Andrew was potty trained sitting down and to the day he left he NEVER used a urinal a day in his life! Once he got tall enough we tried to get him to use a urinal when we were out but he refused. Yea, I’m thinking this is definitely TMI!!! I share waaaaay too much here!! :-D LOL

It just goes to show that while we lose our ego when we cross, we don’t lose our personality, our essence. Andrew, Glan Croi, PureHeart, our Muck is still our Muck!

Martin was checking in with Andrew today to see how things have been going. Martin said Andrew was a bit excited about the things we have coming up. YAY! Can’t happen quick enough for me! But can I get anymore info outta him like any specifics??? Ahhhh NO! DAMMIT!

He gave Martin a little bit more about his ascension. Apparently there was a lot of kids that left on the day Andrew did. Andrew was one of the very few that was very aware and tapped in. Not all these enlightened kids had functioning or open minded households. Andrew was one of the few kids that really loved being here and just had a Higher knowing but Andrew said today if he had of stayed he wouldn’t have stayed that way. He would have become a recluse. He admitted to being too empathic. He was taking on a lot of what his friends we’re going through. It was pretty intense with a few of them.

So Andrew said that things went the way they needed to go and while it doesn’t feel like it now, it was all for the best. Yea, I’m still not sold. But he assured us that if he had of made it through treatment, things wouldn’t have been as good as they had been prior to his diagnosis. I guess I have to take his word for it. What else can I do?? Acceptance is the only way to go.

I know it is forcing me to get more connected to my Higher Self which in turn connects me to Andrew more. Only thing is, Martin and I are going to need to have an assistant or 2 when I reach my goal! Martin and I shouldn’t be allowed to be on our own and left to our own devices when I get more tapped in! Danger, danger, danger! Yup! I just heard Steve Irwin. :-D That’s why I want to form Team Jordan like Kathy Griffin has Team Griffin. Having our peeps to keep an eye on us and help us with the 3rd dimensional BS. That’s my goal! :-D


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  1. Karen T. says:

    No TMI…I was actually wondering has anybody potty trained that way! I’d like to and it’s coming soon. Zach is starting to hide when #2 is coming and then coming to tell me. Awareness has started. And let’s just say that Brad has his own bathroom for the same reasons you described as being gross!
    And remember our texting the other night…stay connected…it rocks!!
    And I volunteer to be of any assistance that I can be.


  2. Dana says:

    Hmmm…. I’m beginning classes in the fall for nursing. And lately, I’ve had the odd thought that perhaps, I’d like to specialize in Pediatric Oncology. There was a (male) nurse in my Reiki Mastery class who was already working in Pediatric Oncology. Would you please ask Andrew to check in with my Higher Self and see if that is indeed the larger plan? I don’t mind working with the older folks, but I have a LOT of ‘mommy’ energy and I think I’d really like to work with the younglings.

    And YES – tapes these sessions! I need my Andrew fix too! :-D

    Oh…after taking CNA training this past month – NOTHING surprises me anymore! *snickerZ*

  3. Swati says:

    Taping your sesions will be a great idea! :-)

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