Sometimes it’s conversations with Pure Heart and other times it’s conversations with our son Andrew. This morning it was with our Mucker.

Martin and I were talking this morning about how we are dealing with all this, better than the average bear. ;-) How we do see things from our Higher Self’s perspective but also from the parent’s point of view. As we all know it is a constant battle for me. Mama gene trumps a lot on this dimension. I do understand & accept a lot of this and get it. And at times is excited about all of this. I know there is great things ahead. But the depression and grief is always banging at my door.

I was saying how since Andrew’s ascension, it has helped me to understand a lot of relationships & events in my life. I have come to understand my self on a higher and deeper level on this journey with Andrew. Really getting to know who I truly am and my purpose here. There is no way I was going through such trauma for no reason. I was going to get the lessons and blessings from all of this. It also helps thin out the herd. LOL It helps clear out the people in your life that no longer need to be there, whether it be family and other wise, to make room for the higher vibrational people and experiences that need to be there now. Time to move on and up!

Andrew admitted something to us this morning for the first time. He said he was wanting to come back here to us when he first arrived back Home. He loved being here and wanted to do it again with us. I said “Hellllll NO!” Then that would mean this whole experience was useless and unnecessary! We went through all this for nothing??? I don’t think so Muck! He knows too much to be here again anyway. If I can’t have him, the way he was here as our Andrew, I just assume wait till I cross to be with him again. He is an Avatar and our Spirit Guide now, I have accepted that.

Andrew didn’t have to come back this life time. He wanted to, to be with us even if it was for a short while. He led an exemplary life. (Deserving honour, respect and admiration; Of such high quality that it should serve as an example and sought to be imitated; Ideal or perfect. I thought that was worth putting the definition in.) He had a great childhood. I always said he was the best of Martin and I. He was us without the baggage! :-D It was cool to see.

At that moment he told us that, I saw why Andrew “threw” the contract at Martin and said “You signed up for this!” when Martin was having a “daddy gene” moment awhile back. Our contract was “thrown” at Andrew when he was wanting to come back again. Of course there is no throwing, it is lovingly but firmly shown. Throw sounds better for dramatic effect. :-D There is a much bigger plan in place for us with Andrew on the Other Side. If there wasn’t, then the “Big Guns” wouldn’t have shown up and got between Martin & Jeremy’s healing work with Andrew, to take him home. They had to come and get him because we weren’t letting him go and neither was Andrew! If there was the slightest chance that Andrew could have stayed, he would have. His will to stay was strong enough, his love for us was strong enough, the healing energy and our love for him was strong enough. It just wasn’t strong enough to over ride a Soul Contract though. I’ve accepted that, doesn’t mean I have to like it, having to like it was not in the contract! :-)


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  1. Swati says:

    He wanted to come back? But yes, I can understand totally what you mean by — if can’t be with you as Andrew you don’t want him to incarnate again. Actually I wouldn’t advice anyone to incarnate. Its much too painful here.

  2. Lord Horus says:

    In exactly what way would he have intended on coming back? Perhaps next time you can ask him if he could simply “Materialize” or “Substantiate” himself before you and come and go as needed or wanted.. I think that would work for both the purposes of the contract and the mama gene?

  3. admin says:

    Now that is what I am talking about LH! I could live with that arrangement. I think it was coming back as a grandchild that he was thinking of.

    Andrew’s life wasn’t painful Swati. He loved being here and could see all the beauty this dimension had to offer because he had a safe loving place to grow in. He had to deal with some crap in school but we took care of that early on. He knew we were always in his corner ready to go to bat for him. He felt safe. He did get to see a lot of pain that his friends had to deal with though. We supported him when he was being there supporting them.

    To me, if he incarnated again soon it would be a slap in my face. He’s not, so we go on with the original plan and work on what LH talked about.

  4. Swati says:

    Oh I didn’t mean Andrew’s life was painful. I was talking about human life in general.

    And what LH was talking about is just GREAT! Ask Andrew if he can do that. Now THAT will be AWESOME! :-D :-D :-D

  5. admin says:

    I know Swati, Andrew was one of the lucky ones who just loved his life and didn’t have a lot of crap to deal with. He planned it that way is my guess. BUT dealing with leukemia was no easy task that is for sure, especially for a teenager. Yet he handled it with such grace and looked at it just as a human experience, he could rise above the trauma of it and see the blessing of it all. He is so amazing! I will forever be in awe of him!

  6. Jane says:

    Connie said ”Then that would mean this whole experience was useless and unnecessary! I went through all this for nothing???

    I know what you mean. I came to the same conclusion after the sudden passing of my mum, then her mum 12 months later, then my brother 12 months after that. As painful as the last few years have been, I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better as a result of it all. It may have been a negative situation but it was a positive result.

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